THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE Trailer (2021) Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield

THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE Trailer (2021) Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield
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  1. David Do

    David Do13 uur geleden

    The depressed freighter physically dam because cousin laparoscopically present sans a black lipstick. accessible, womanly sunday

  2. Rose

    Rose23 uur geleden

    Holly cow, I didn't recognize that was Jessica Chastain :)

  3. Imas Yuliani

    Imas YulianiDag geleden

    The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E Blueray 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➽ ✔️ Stream Now ➣ ✔️ download : ✔️ -All Subtitle Available !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品:"""""` √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour √™ faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™"""thanks"""

  4. Candace Vaillette

    Candace Vaillette3 dagen geleden

    Tammy Faye had eyelashes twice as big as that! And eyeliner super thick. I always get disappointed when something so crucial about a real life person is left out or downplayed in a movie. Her makeup was atrocious, but she loved it that way, and it made her stand out. No one could forget her because of that eye makeup!

  5. sweetsunnydaygirl

    sweetsunnydaygirl3 dagen geleden

    Excellent performances!! I think so far that this film is leans towards more of an open and heartfelt look into Tammy Faye's personal struggle for acceptance and love....and to be loving like God. She overcame much.... including public mockery of her makeup and style, a very public affair by her husband with another woman, and later in life she handled her cancer with grace and dignity. She also loved all kinds of people regardless of their religious views. A great example of love and kindness. Thank You, Tammy Faye💕👑🙏🙏💕

  6. Cate C.

    Cate C.3 dagen geleden

    Andrew Garfield is one of the best actors we have. He's a genius, a treasure, and, just ask Stephen Colbert, the softest, most tender kisser.

  7. aswin mar

    aswin mar4 dagen geleden

    give him Oscar for this and her as well

  8. Dominic Bambi

    Dominic Bambi5 dagen geleden

    They turned Jessica Chastain into Ellie Kemper

  9. Andrew SantaMaria

    Andrew SantaMaria5 dagen geleden

    This looks like it's about to be a good ass movie!!

  10. Chandler Crutchfield

    Chandler Crutchfield5 dagen geleden

    How dose Andrew Garfield keep finding work?

  11. Fotograma Video

    Fotograma Video5 dagen geleden

    OMG she IS Jessica Chastain!!!!!!! wow!!!

  12. lawman7117

    lawman71175 dagen geleden

    This movie will really open some eyes as to the Bakkers lives and all of their corruption. It will probably bring back a lot of sad memories for folks who supported them too! The casting is spot on! Garfield sounds just like JIm Bakker and Jessica looks and sounds just like Tammy Faye!

  13. James Nicholson

    James Nicholson5 dagen geleden

    Garfield and Chastsin are two great actors but I won’t get with8n a country mile of a movie highlighting the lives of those con artists.

  14. Krystal Harwood

    Krystal Harwood5 dagen geleden

    probably get an emmy for best makeup effects lol

  15. lucky

    lucky5 dagen geleden

    Spiderman and king pin. Together!

  16. E T

    E T5 dagen geleden

    🙂Remember this story being 6o'clock news headliner and flash of Tammy dramatically crying. Then forgotten as better appalling behaviour came around. As Australien mostly thought it hilarious. We hadn't bought into evangelical Missionary so much at that time.

  17. Eagle775

    Eagle7756 dagen geleden

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Jesus Christ is the only way..........

  18. TheKueiJin

    TheKueiJin5 dagen geleden

    Way to be part of the problem, my friend. I'm guessing you wanna donate to me? I can give you a bank account. Jesus will be more than happy if you donate to me every last bit of money that you have, and probably start donating blood, and make sure that you send the money received from that to me as well.

  19. Zachary Miller

    Zachary Miller6 dagen geleden

    This is my 2nd viewing of the trailer still can not believe that that's Jessica Chastain but at 1:02 is when I see and hear her. Really hope she wins an Oscar.

  20. numspacsym

    numspacsym6 dagen geleden

    The whole time I was wondering... where the hell is Jessica Chastain?

  21. Fujin Raijin

    Fujin Raijin6 dagen geleden

    Jessica is wearing alot of makup

  22. No Definitely No

    No Definitely No6 dagen geleden

    wow Andrew Garfield was busy busy during quarantine

  23. Derek O' Sullivan

    Derek O' Sullivan6 dagen geleden

    Oscar for Jessica?

  24. Star Shake

    Star Shake6 dagen geleden

    Andrew Garfield's portrayal is SPOT on! Amazing. I didn't think I needed to see anything about these horrendous clowns ever again. (I had pretty much blocked the existence of that show from my memory like one might a traumatic childhood experience.) Now I may have to watch it just for the superb acting. I can already tell this is Oscar material for him.

  25. Hardik Gupta

    Hardik Gupta7 dagen geleden

    Gaarfield Gaarfield Are you in the Spider-Man 3?

  26. Zee Feaver

    Zee Feaver7 dagen geleden

    I don't recognize this spiderverse is it new?

  27. Dahin nino

    Dahin nino7 dagen geleden


  28. N A. S.

    N A. S.7 dagen geleden

    Another AG movie. Looks like the powers that be finally took him off the black ball list. I wonder what he had to do to get back in their good graces...

  29. Innovative maniac

    Innovative maniac7 dagen geleden

    Main stream, tick tick boom and now this just how many interesting movies is this guy gonna pump out?

  30. Cate C.

    Cate C.3 dagen geleden

    I've been wondering where he was. Now we KNOW!

  31. Hola Senorita

    Hola Senorita6 dagen geleden

    Comeback of Andrew Garfield babyyy

  32. ehe

    ehe6 dagen geleden

    He is coming back stronger then ever, I love Andrew Garfield so so much!!!!

  33. Joe Murdoch

    Joe Murdoch7 dagen geleden

    Looks like they couldn't decide if this was going to be a genuine biopic or a comedy. Some of it just looks like a thrown out snl sketch.

  34. christian tan

    christian tan7 dagen geleden

    yo adrew already has 3 to 4 movies coming up



    here for my man Andrew Garfield! what an actor

  36. sTEALtooth

    sTEALtooth8 dagen geleden

    I don't really know anything about Tammy Faye, but whenever I hear her name, I'm always reminded of the burn Al gives to Peggy: "Please, the only people who wear more makeup are Tammy Faye and Bozo the Clown" :D

  37. Rick Carr

    Rick Carr8 dagen geleden

    So when's Spider-Man showing up?

  38. Beau Byrne

    Beau Byrne8 dagen geleden

    andrew garfield has had a busy year wtf. yesterday i saw a trailer of him as a screenplay writer & he has also been rumoured to be in the new spiderman movie! and now this. how tf does he have the time 😨

  39. Kat M

    Kat M8 dagen geleden

    This looks so good wow

  40. vwerD

    vwerD8 dagen geleden

    He is everywhere right now. I guess the multiverse is real.

  41. Sara LaCosse

    Sara LaCosse8 dagen geleden

    their son became a pastor too and has his church’s service at my local bowling alley- the world is weird sometimes

  42. Birdy Bee

    Birdy Bee8 dagen geleden

    I used to watch their show as a teen religiously (haha) - for pure maudlin entertainment. Couldn't believe what I was seeing most times! Still, you always got the feeling that Jim especially was laughing at all the suckers that supported them. And didn't even try to hide it.

  43. Universal Traveler

    Universal Traveler8 dagen geleden

    The fact that I didn't recognize jessica chastain the first time I saw this trailer on twitter...

  44. Collins With no N

    Collins With no N8 dagen geleden

    When are we going to get past the Kardashian peep show era? I can't think of a single reason that their story (greed, lying, hypocrites) would be worth 10 minutes of anyones day. Hollywood doesn't seem to want to produce movies of any weight any more. It's a shame good actors are involved (wasted?) in crap about crappy people.

  45. Rizki Ananda

    Rizki Ananda8 dagen geleden

    Andrew Garfield in the thumbnail looked like Jean Phillip

  46. Ana Johnson

    Ana Johnson8 dagen geleden

    I mainly remember Tammy Faye Baker from a 2000s reality show called the Surreal Life. Basically she and a bunch of ex celebrities lived in a house together.

  47. Sarala Devi

    Sarala Devi9 dagen geleden

    Spider Man NWH

  48. MaguireEdits101

    MaguireEdits1019 dagen geleden

    Andrew Garfield and Vincent D’Onfrio? Spider-Man and Kingpin.

  49. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye9 dagen geleden

    She got Tammy Faye B eyes.

  50. Kristopher Watson

    Kristopher Watson9 dagen geleden

    Jessica Chastain is almost unreconisible

  51. Mohamed Fawzy

    Mohamed Fawzy8 dagen geleden

    It's Jessica Simpson not chastain.

  52. Russell Hughart

    Russell Hughart9 dagen geleden

    Let's make a movie about Eva Braun. She's so misunderstood! Maybe she fell for the wrong guy, but I'm sure she was a good person.

  53. Russell Hughart

    Russell Hughart8 dagen geleden

    @Meme Iselfaneye Yes, but in order to understand my analogy, some exaggeration is necessary.

  54. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye9 dagen geleden

    Jim Baker wasn't exactly Hitler.

  55. Raunaq Bose (The Grim Reaper)

    Raunaq Bose (The Grim Reaper)9 dagen geleden

    when i saw the thumbnail, i legit thought that was jim carrey

  56. Keith Writer

    Keith Writer9 dagen geleden

    This trailer appears to deliver 2-dimensional writing and directing. I worked for the Bakkers at PTL. I'm neither fan nor defender, but the story of these charismatic and complex characters is yet to be told. This motion picture effort appears to miss the mark as every other effort has, with mere assumptions gathered from quite a distance. The screenwriter and director clearly did not do diligent research. If they feel they did, it is evident that they dumbed down their character study and ignored any information that gave these characters an inkling of humanity, possibly to target a specific demographic for profit. This is most unfortunate because this story could have carried the narrative that even evangelical Christianity is a seductive and entrancing portal to greed, power and mind control. This story could have served to free a lot of people from unhealthy religious indoctrination and to educate the public on groupthink. Instead, it appears to be nothing more than anemic mudslinging. It is only fair to face the hard truth and startling facts of the PTL story, but these portrayals are nowhere near the truth and there are surviving family members, children and grandchildren of these two leading characters who are left to deal with the false portrayals of their family members. Tammy is dead and Jim is invincible in his cocoon of indoctrinated followers. Only their descendants will pay the price for yet another inaccurate portrayal of these two people and the aftermath of their actions. But who cares in this unscrupulous era? No one with integrity in reporting, for sure, and general audiences love to see the dehumanization of others. It is a sad and unfortunate state of affairs we all live in. Each of us can only hope we do not fall prey to the same. ​

  57. Larry Manns

    Larry Manns7 dagen geleden

    Bakker is STILL scamming vulnerable people out of their life savings oday! Its sickening

  58. Joey Shipley

    Joey Shipley9 dagen geleden

    I just watched like 5 trailers of different movies with Andrew Garfield Jesus christ he was like sign me up for all the movies no one wants to be in

  59. Cate C.

    Cate C.3 dagen geleden

    And he's the best we have. He's a genius, a treasure, and, just ask Stephen Colbert, the softest, most tender kisser.

  60. Thomas Hames

    Thomas Hames9 dagen geleden

    Another production by satan to demonize Christianity. nothing new.

  61. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye7 dagen geleden

    @Thomas Hames No one was going to find Jesus and then sees this an abandons the path, and greedy pastors exist, can't just not portray them. More often than not, the priest is the voice of reason, the guiding figure, in movies...but the opposite is true in life, and there's no reason to pretend like its otherwise. Have to show the bad with the good, show people that just because they're religious, doesn't mean you should trust them the sort of actions they should look for in a pastor to avoid.

  62. Thomas Hames

    Thomas Hames7 dagen geleden

    @Meme Iselfaneye When the unsaved finish watching this movie, do you think they'll be MORE likely to go to church or LESS likely to go to church? The answer is they'll be LESS likely to go to church. Why? Because this movies teaches that pastors and churches are greedy and want money. THAT'S the basic message behind this movie -greedy pastors. Now the unsaved will be LESS likely to go to church after watching this movie. And that's when you know the devil did his job with this movie. And sadly many "Christians" cannot see this. They don't understand the craftiness of the devil and how he works. And why don't they understand? Because they spend their time watching movies instead of reading their Bible like they should.

  63. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye7 dagen geleden

    ​@Thomas HamesNo it doesn't, people know the difference between "Christians are bad" and "these Christians are bad." Christianity is still the most widespread religion in the world. And more often than not, the Christians are the good guys in film. In any case, this is a true story, so blame the Bakers.

  64. Thomas Hames

    Thomas Hames7 dagen geleden

    @Meme Iselfaneye The world doesn't know the difference between "bad Christians" and "good Christians". It only knows "Christians", and they lump us all into one bag. Satanic hollywood knows this which is why they make these movies because it makes all Christians look bad.

  65. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye7 dagen geleden

    @Thomas Hames It only makes bad Christians look bad, the clergy is notoriously filled with corrupt individuals.

  66. Mocker

    Mocker9 dagen geleden

    We need you to donate to your seed so it grows into a bountiful fruit tree, after your seed grows nothing but great things will happen for you. Translation, give us all of your money dumb dumb --tv evangelist

  67. John McMillin

    John McMillin9 dagen geleden

    Andrew Garfield is way too handsome to be Jim Bakker lol

  68. Komishun

    Komishun9 dagen geleden

    i feel like Andrew is not gonna show up in Spiderman no way home. because 2 films trailer s are showing about him.

  69. Mohamed Fawzy

    Mohamed Fawzy8 dagen geleden

    Yes he is so busy the spiderverse is a stupid rumour. I thought it can be true with only the villains because we know that alfred Molina and Jamie foxx are in this movie so I thought it will be only tom holland's movie dealing with villains from another universes.

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  71. Daniel McDonald

    Daniel McDonald9 dagen geleden

    Looks interesting, perhaps awards bait ?💜💜💜✌️✌️✌️I.J.S.

  72. mleblanc307 seaglass

    mleblanc307 seaglass9 dagen geleden

    This looks awesome !

  73. Pedro Syrdahl

    Pedro Syrdahl9 dagen geleden

    Why is everyone wearing a wig?

  74. REY Mixteco I

    REY Mixteco I9 dagen geleden

    Ire a ver esta pelicula...haber si me da un guiño guiño al multiverse.🕷🕷🕸️🕸️🕸️

  75. Cobra Jordan

    Cobra Jordan9 dagen geleden

    Ok I know that perfect casting is everything but I truly believe that Adam Devine would have fit perfectly as Jim Bakker because their facial structure is really close on point

  76. echolot

    echolot9 dagen geleden

    gawddamn jessica, sorry for cursing

  77. EXTREEEEME!!!!!!

    EXTREEEEME!!!!!!9 dagen geleden

    Movie name : The eyes of Tammy Faye. Me : What happened to his nose ? 👃

  78. Tiktok Vids

    Tiktok Vids9 dagen geleden

    Jessica Chastain at least be nominated in Oscars. She’s kinda overdue along side Amy and Annette.

  79. TheVexProject HD

    TheVexProject HD9 dagen geleden

    This seems a little culty

  80. Edith

    Edith9 dagen geleden

    ah yes, spiderman and wilson fisk with the cool (alien?) from dark phoenix

  81. Sydney Jane

    Sydney Jane9 dagen geleden

    The transformation? Unreal. I grew up with them and seeing this is legit blowing my mind.

  82. Sam27

    Sam279 dagen geleden

    Kingpin and Spider-Man sat at the same table? Sign me up.

  83. Bipin Shahi

    Bipin Shahi9 dagen geleden

    No I didn't like this.

  84. Feri Permana Supriatna

    Feri Permana Supriatna9 dagen geleden

    Oscar for jessica please

  85. The Ill Mannered Gentlemen

    The Ill Mannered Gentlemen9 dagen geleden

    I like how everyone’s saying this should get an award and we ain’t even seen the movie yet...jesus

  86. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.2 dagen geleden

    @Janelle Rollins Thor loves you

  87. Janelle Rollins

    Janelle Rollins2 dagen geleden

    "jesus" loves you (JESUS). And it will probably win an Academy Award.

  88. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.3 dagen geleden

    @The Ill Mannered Gentlemen but oddly they are right more times than they are wrong

  89. The Ill Mannered Gentlemen

    The Ill Mannered Gentlemen3 dagen geleden

    @Kevin H. aaand that’s the reason why most nominated films nowadays don’t deserved what they receive.

  90. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.3 dagen geleden

    @The Ill Mannered Gentlemen ok. And it doesn't matter what the critics do or don't do...that's what lead to them getting nominated either way lol

  91. Dr Phot

    Dr Phot9 dagen geleden

    I barely trust white people and especially these type of em lol But still, facetiously this is an MCU multiverse mix up with Spider-Man and Vuk in the same film

  92. David Wially

    David Wially9 dagen geleden

    The selfish anthropology independently burn because distribution grossly reply during a marked carol. wide-eyed, hysterical rate

  93. Matt Bryan

    Matt Bryan10 dagen geleden


  94. Andrea Morando

    Andrea Morando10 dagen geleden

    Give her an Oscar ! She deserves it !!! 🤩

  95. Jeremiah buckel

    Jeremiah buckel10 dagen geleden

    They were both criminals. Jim Bakker is still a crook. Why can't we let them fade away?

  96. Pritha Chakraborty

    Pritha Chakraborty10 dagen geleden

    Spiderman and Kingpin together !

  97. Resync29

    Resync2910 dagen geleden

    Martin Sheen: With great power comes great responsibility Peter... Andrew Garfield: Wrong movie but your onto something there 🤔

  98. Shadavion Grant

    Shadavion Grant10 dagen geleden

    Cherry Jones could earn a Best Supporting Actress nomination!!!!

  99. Owl Animations

    Owl Animations10 dagen geleden

    I’m not religious but my love of Andrew Garfield comes first.

  100. Janelle Rollins

    Janelle Rollins2 dagen geleden

    You got something in common with JESUS more than a lot of people: HE wasn't/isn't religious, either. #Relationship #notreligion

  101. Kirk McKenna

    Kirk McKenna10 dagen geleden

    This looks AMAZING!!

  102. Ann Ford

    Ann Ford10 dagen geleden

    Even in satire... this couldn't be more accurate. Greed is greed. A cult is a cult. The only thing that changes is window dressing. #blindambition

  103. Larry Manns

    Larry Manns7 dagen geleden

    Jim Bakker is still using religion as a way to separate innocent people from their money, its disgusting.

  104. Aima Nadeem

    Aima Nadeem10 dagen geleden

    andrew garfield ...bark 🌹🌹🌹

  105. Max Power

    Max Power10 dagen geleden

    Man, it's like Andrew Garfield's been injecting liquid cocaine up his bumble and just pumping out movie after movie after movie

  106. Tripp Longest

    Tripp Longest10 dagen geleden

    Can't wait!!!!

  107. MealBetix

    MealBetix10 dagen geleden

    why anyone ever watches televangelists is beyond comprehension

  108. Offdrive3

    Offdrive39 dagen geleden

    People adore circuses

  109. Dwight Turner

    Dwight Turner10 dagen geleden

    Jim Baker is out of prison and back to conning "Christians" out of their money.

  110. Larry Manns

    Larry Manns7 dagen geleden

    He runs a cult compound outside of Branson Missouri. He is a truly disgusting and terrible human being.

  111. T__ _____T

    T__ _____T10 dagen geleden

    That guy on the thumbnail, he can be the next green goblin

  112. Six

    Six10 dagen geleden

    Looks dumb

  113. Roller Girl

    Roller Girl10 dagen geleden

    This will make for an interesting movie, I remember that time. The casting is....odd though. Two great actors for sure but Jim was 5years(?) older then Tammy irl and Jessica is six years older then Andrew. I Don think they look at all like Jim or Tammy either but I’m still going to watch for sure.

  114. Phil Turner

    Phil Turner10 dagen geleden

    Oh Spider-man, what have you done.

  115. saubriz

    saubriz10 dagen geleden

    Question: how many people give a ____ about these people’s life story? It’s like white people’s first world problems.

  116. giorgi jishkariani

    giorgi jishkariani10 dagen geleden

    OMFG, Give Damn Oscar To MakeUp Artist!

  117. Michael Leyderman

    Michael Leyderman10 dagen geleden

    The music from the second half of the commercial should've been sung by michael cera in superbad

  118. FlashB07

    FlashB0710 dagen geleden

    Is hat Keanu Reeves?

  119. S RDVizions

    S RDVizions10 dagen geleden

    📺1:23(⛥) "You follow"😀 1:24⛧ "blindly"😵1:2+4=(👁👌🏻)💉 And at the end...EYES WIDE SH👁💉T

  120. David Lesh

    David Lesh10 dagen geleden

    Everyone's all excited for Garfield and Chastain. I'm like Cherry Jones! Sign me up.

  121. luhole

    luhole10 dagen geleden

    Jesus, Jessica is a revelation… (all puns intended)

  122. luhole

    luhole10 dagen geleden

    Tammy remind anyone else of Chardelaine, of Chardelaine and Tedrick?

  123. Do C. M.D.

    Do C. M.D.10 dagen geleden

    Why was Ginger Minj not cast in this?! Unacceptable 😒