THE CONJURING 3 Trailer 2 (2021)

THE CONJURING 3 Trailer 2 (2021) The Devil Made Me Do It Final Trailer
© 2021 - Warner Bros


  1. Galuh Gumilar

    Galuh Gumilar13 uur geleden

    THE MOVIES FULL ARE RESETE.UNO NLpush: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

  2. •ᴍɪɴᴛʏɢɢᴜᴋ방탄•

    •ᴍɪɴᴛʏɢɢᴜᴋ방탄•Dag geleden

    i just binged the first and second and i’m terrified i’m excited for this one

  3. Tine

    TineDag geleden

    Stop the cap

  4. jas mene

    jas mene2 dagen geleden

    Vera Farmiga does 100% justice to the role. She looked most graceful as Lauren.

  5. jas mene

    jas mene2 dagen geleden

    just watched the movie ! it is way better than the trailer...must watch. Caution: there are 2 beautiful love stories .

  6. Iamoldsavage

    Iamoldsavage2 dagen geleden

    Where is the conjuring 3 now

  7. Syania M.

    Syania M.2 dagen geleden

    Everyone gangsta untill he smiled 1:03

  8. Amycatamyvd

    Amycatamyvd3 dagen geleden


  9. yakove

    yakove3 dagen geleden

    I’m leaving here getting bad vibes amen Jesus is King turn to Jesus repent now before it’s to late get saved amen 🙏❤️✅✝️🆙👑

  10. Amira Adzajlic

    Amira Adzajlic3 dagen geleden

    I love the conjuring movies but someone tell me if I should watch it in the cinema or if it’s not with it and should wait till it’s out of the cinemas like is it good

  11. Ali Fitness

    Ali Fitness3 dagen geleden

    Very weird movie tbh

  12. Hariandy Alias

    Hariandy Alias4 dagen geleden

    1:44 in the movie installment they removed the blood face effect? 😳

  13. Danish Plays

    Danish Plays5 dagen geleden

    Just watched this movie, it is just a waste of time nothing horror, I would suggest you to spend two hours on something else. Part 1 was the best 2,3 are crap

  14. helldaddyadrienn levyblackpope

    helldaddyadrienn levyblackpope6 dagen geleden

    blive angels devil belive to not call him if cal die this voice sweat poison is temptating always stand behind me FEAARR OF THE DARRGHHH NEROHHN XOXO

  15. Erick Monroy

    Erick Monroy6 dagen geleden

    Dog: I ate the wedding cake Bride: WTF?? 😱😡🤬 Dog: The devil made me do it.

  16. Cameron L

    Cameron L6 dagen geleden

    This is a true story..

  17. J. C.

    J. C.6 dagen geleden

    Ed was always taking risks, but stayed very protective of Lorraine. She in turn would be protective of him. Both were truly kind, generous and never took money to help others.

  18. Calvin Tong

    Calvin Tong6 dagen geleden

    Imagine if Lucifer come out of nowhere at 0:37 and says “Stop blaming me for you sins!”

  19. Mariah Kemp

    Mariah Kemp6 dagen geleden

    i’m soooo mad this movie totally sucked and I was so excited!!! The first conjuring remains undefeated even number two was 10 times better than this movie. I’m actually offended they made this movie and added it to the conjuring legacy. We need James Wan back directing these movies !!! He was so good at creating a scary and spooky atmosphere that he didn’t need to rely on cheap jump scares ugh. To me this movie is more of a thriller than a horror. Very disappointed

  20. Chaos Magic

    Chaos Magic7 dagen geleden

    I watched it sadly it wasn't as scary as I expected

  21. G Rodriguez

    G Rodriguez7 dagen geleden

    Omg quiche Lorraine 😭

  22. Gökhan eke

    Gökhan eke7 dagen geleden

    Ayetel Kürsi okuyun gelemezler

  23. Nimmy

    Nimmy7 dagen geleden

    Got this on dvd

  24. Amy Canas Aguilar

    Amy Canas Aguilar7 dagen geleden


  25. pandacutie nom

    pandacutie nom7 dagen geleden

    1:07 the exorcist 😱

  26. One Day

    One Day8 dagen geleden

    Anyone call gojo

  27. TrappBhabie

    TrappBhabie8 dagen geleden

    Just watched this today, scary asf. Very many “hell to the motherfuck no” moments

  28. NYC/lyricists Bkborn

    NYC/lyricists Bkborn8 dagen geleden

    This Scooby-Doo detective crap wasn't even scary. The unholy was much better than this

  29. NO TO WW3

    NO TO WW38 dagen geleden

    Can someone please tell me what I did this time yours sincerely Mr.Devil

  30. Ana L

    Ana L8 dagen geleden

    Y’all better pray before and after watching this movie y’all ✝️✝️

  31. Joseph Schiro

    Joseph Schiro9 dagen geleden

    Looks bad ass!

  32. Midnight Coffee

    Midnight Coffee9 dagen geleden

    Me: Why did you like my comment? You: Because the devil made me do it

  33. Belal T Diab 007

    Belal T Diab 0079 dagen geleden


  34. Catholic 3 DOD

    Catholic 3 DOD9 dagen geleden

    Will there be Conjuring 4 later?🤔😃

  35. Daniel Sinaga

    Daniel Sinaga9 dagen geleden

    Conjuring 1 : She made me do it Conjuring 2 : He made me do it Conjuring 3 : Devil made me do it Conjuring 4 : I will do it myself

  36. Davlyn Arriaga

    Davlyn Arriaga4 dagen geleden

    Conjuring 6: They will do it

  37. kevon henderson

    kevon henderson4 dagen geleden


  38. Mani R

    Mani R6 dagen geleden

    Conjuring 5 : Someone made me do it

  39. Davlyn Arriaga

    Davlyn Arriaga7 dagen geleden

    Yup pretty much 😂

  40. Braden Potter

    Braden Potter7 dagen geleden


  41. 黄huang

    黄huang9 dagen geleden

    watch, it's not that scary compare to other season, nun its more scary this

  42. lol

    lol10 dagen geleden

    i’m gonna shout in my bed

  43. 𝙍𝙤𝙪'𝙨 𝙑𝙞𝙗𝙚𝙨

    𝙍𝙤𝙪'𝙨 𝙑𝙞𝙗𝙚𝙨10 dagen geleden

    My mom: why are you liking your own comments Me: *The Devil Made Me Do It*

  44. Lei Bae

    Lei Bae10 dagen geleden

    Bro this Jawn looks too scary 😭😭

  45. Fatin Farahana Zulkifli

    Fatin Farahana Zulkifli11 dagen geleden

    When this movie will be released?


    IJATZ GAMING9 dagen geleden

    Kat netflix Tak silap dah ada kott

  47. doe boi 9

    doe boi 911 dagen geleden

    I had high hopes for this film and though it had a few stand out moments- very few - it promptly let me down then again see what happens when you change director 🐇

  48. God is good

    God is good11 dagen geleden

    Turn to Jesus and don’t watch this

  49. Bunnie

    Bunnie11 dagen geleden

    The face effects shown aren't even in the movie😭

  50. Jessica Herrera

    Jessica Herrera11 dagen geleden

    POV: larain spat little funny dust at ed

  51. Saim Khan

    Saim Khan11 dagen geleden

    I think the trailer is more interesting then the movie because movie is Unnecessary

  52. discount morty

    discount morty11 dagen geleden

    If Doctor Strange was in it.The movie will only last 10 sec

  53. Tweekachu

    Tweekachu11 dagen geleden

    I watched it last night, it was ok but nothing great. Good story though.

  54. Jessica szymanski

    Jessica szymanski11 dagen geleden

    They just had to put an ad before a video at 10pm that scared the shit outa me!... plz don’t put ads like that

  55. No Face

    No Face11 dagen geleden

    Ever since I watched In The Tall Grass I can't stop thinking that he's gonna say "Nataly!!" or "Tobin!!"

  56. JuanchoYT KaelaYT

    JuanchoYT KaelaYT11 dagen geleden


  57. Daddy xyticz ツ

    Daddy xyticz ツ11 dagen geleden

    May Allah bless me after this

  58. Slappy Hamhole

    Slappy Hamhole11 dagen geleden

    Th Devil is a lie! Mr brown.

  59. Hanim Madewnus

    Hanim Madewnus11 dagen geleden

    in cinema?????? How is this possible?

  60. Lana Hr

    Lana Hr12 dagen geleden


  61. Misty Diablo

    Misty Diablo12 dagen geleden

    1:41 that was *CLEAN*

  62. Israel Miramontes

    Israel Miramontes12 dagen geleden

    I had high hopes for this movie but it was a serious let down for me. 1st one was the best.

  63. Help me reach 10k with 1 vid

    Help me reach 10k with 1 vid12 dagen geleden

    XD the fact that I am watching both of them to refresh my memory of conjuring cuz I’m bout to watch the third!!!

  64. V Minajj

    V Minajj12 dagen geleden

    The story line was really good

  65. 이라라라

    이라라라12 dagen geleden

    Rubbish movie. Do not watch this. Wasting of time and money

  66. KH

    KH12 dagen geleden

    James wan??

  67. Tjeerdtrekkie

    Tjeerdtrekkie12 dagen geleden

    I feel like this is gonna be the type of horror that gets in your mind rather than be horrifing on screen.

  68. V Minajj

    V Minajj12 dagen geleden

    Agreed. But this movie was kinda creepy

  69. Shilpa Prasannan

    Shilpa Prasannan12 dagen geleden

    Any malayalees here 🤩

  70. Marina Warren

    Marina Warren12 dagen geleden

    Warren is my lastname🥴

  71. Aijaz Ahmed

    Aijaz Ahmed12 dagen geleden

    Movie is little bit boreing... Compare to 1st and 2. Parts... This movie is not too much high 👎👎👎👎👎

  72. Princess Mae Labata

    Princess Mae Labata12 dagen geleden


  73. Ultimate Dj

    Ultimate Dj13 dagen geleden

    Watching this at 1 in the morning with no lights out wasn’t such a good idea😅

  74. Ultimate Dj

    Ultimate Dj8 dagen geleden

    @John Chilson lol what up dude

  75. John Chilson

    John Chilson8 dagen geleden

    You think?😂😂

  76. Raju Singh

    Raju Singh13 dagen geleden


  77. Lâm Phạm

    Lâm Phạm13 dagen geleden

    Xem cuốn đấy 😁😁

  78. Tony’s Puzzles

    Tony’s Puzzles13 dagen geleden

    Another franchise that kisses Christianity’s ass

  79. LittleFlower

    LittleFlower13 dagen geleden

    1:16 uhhh ??? This scene wasn’t even in the movie??? WTH 😡

  80. DarknessLightRose Gemini

    DarknessLightRose Gemini13 dagen geleden

    Horror rocks!

  81. Blue Phat

    Blue Phat13 dagen geleden

    This movie looks shit lol the whole series boring

  82. Freddy Pedraza (pachucote)

    Freddy Pedraza (pachucote)13 dagen geleden

    Jesus Christ that movie sure helped me cure insomnia One boring crappy movie

  83. Garcia ds

    Garcia ds13 dagen geleden

    People still believe this is real

  84. princess Fireflies

    princess Fireflies13 dagen geleden

    Osm movie👌👌👌👌 mza a gya dekh ky movie😀😀😀conjuring 1ky bd yeh prt conjuring k Acha h second bss normal hi tha😀😀

  85. Sonio 90

    Sonio 9013 dagen geleden

    Yo that actually looks good!!!

  86. asghar silver

    asghar silver13 dagen geleden


  87. Tasneem Jiwaji

    Tasneem Jiwaji13 dagen geleden

    This one was just a waste of time and they miserably failed with the story line!!

  88. sonic sonic

    sonic sonic13 dagen geleden

    The movie is boring

  89. Hind Faisal

    Hind Faisal13 dagen geleden

    What website do y’all watch in

  90. james howlett

    james howlett13 dagen geleden

    I know the makers even started thinking over the next movie, hope it's entertains more than this did, SPOILER WARNING - DON'T READ => the real story said David had 43 demons in him, but not shown or told about any of it in the movie...

  91. Sanja Bosnjak

    Sanja Bosnjak13 dagen geleden

    Time of really good horror movies is gone. I can't even call this film "horror movie". Boring and everything already seen 😞

  92. Ken Mathurin

    Ken Mathurin13 dagen geleden

    I liked it.

  93. किरन छेत्री

    किरन छेत्री13 dagen geleden

    fucking love it die waiting to watch..

  94. Ghad Speed

    Ghad Speed13 dagen geleden

    Watched it last night. 1st conjuring still the most scariest

  95. อཏศཞฅศ'ຮཛཛʆศས

    อཏศཞฅศ'ຮཛཛʆศས13 dagen geleden



    PADI SYAMALADEVI13 dagen geleden

    Indonesian movie top horror movies

  97. Painful-sama

    Painful-sama13 dagen geleden

    @1:05 omega red spotted

  98. Anos voldigoad

    Anos voldigoad13 dagen geleden

    Last night, after watching this movie at the cinema, it was really exciting, there were a lot of jump scares

  99. yaswanth kumar

    yaswanth kumar13 dagen geleden

    Yesterday evening i saw already movie... 😀

  100. John John

    John John13 dagen geleden

    Trash movie!

  101. Sarthak Krishna

    Sarthak Krishna13 dagen geleden

    Trailer was... umm.... Not so exciting

  102. Christian Enderson

    Christian Enderson13 dagen geleden

    I just watched it and its not better than 2 first movies

  103. Toomm Ng

    Toomm Ng13 dagen geleden

    Second one is the best

  104. julia

    julia13 dagen geleden

    "the true case that proved the devil is real" well in my opinion the devil aint real, just like god but there are devil and bad spirits, entity's, energies... and thats for 100% sure

  105. Amrutha' s Everafter

    Amrutha' s Everafter14 dagen geleden

    Did the conjuring got less scarier or I got braver..

  106. Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar14 dagen geleden

    To be honest it wasn't that scary compared to the previous 2 but it made me feel good and satisfying rather than terrifying

  107. Phoeby_Zafra

    Phoeby_Zafra14 dagen geleden


  108. Tupacaintdead

    Tupacaintdead14 dagen geleden

    The movie sucks, just boring

  109. Rehtrez

    Rehtrez14 dagen geleden

    Coming To soap2day Soon !