SPACE JAM 2 Trailer 2 (2021) Zendaya

SPACE JAM 2 Trailer 2 (2021) Zendaya, A New Legacy, LeBron James
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  1. jurassic park durango

    jurassic park durango13 uur geleden

    Had to stop watching when i heard lola bunnies voice

  2. Nour Elden

    Nour EldenDag geleden

    -what in da matrix heeellll.. -LOL

  3. Fuqda Mayweddas

    Fuqda MayweddasDag geleden

    rooting for the alien invaders just this once

  4. Ahad Naqvi

    Ahad NaqviDag geleden

    Damn I don't think that I have been this excited for something in my life!!!!

  5. Kurtis Blow

    Kurtis Blow2 dagen geleden

    awesome POS!

  6. brett Lambert

    brett Lambert2 dagen geleden

    So glad that I'm not gonna watch this

  7. Emilyn Yurrr

    Emilyn Yurrr3 dagen geleden


  8. Fandom Domination

    Fandom Domination3 dagen geleden

    This looks like the fun I need rn

  9. God's Office ལྷསང།གཧ _ གངས

    God's Office ལྷསང།གཧ _ གངས3 dagen geleden

    Please Stephen Curry is better than you.

  10. ilichuu

    ilichuu4 dagen geleden

    i have a feeling this is gonna be a bundle in fortnite..

  11. david mason

    david mason4 dagen geleden

    looks ok ill give it a shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. david mason

    david mason4 dagen geleden

    thought yosemeti lost his guns due to cancel culture

  13. david mason

    david mason4 dagen geleden

    why rnb come on

  14. Websitedr

    Websitedr4 dagen geleden

    Michael Jordon is gonna have a field day with this too.

  15. Arys Handono

    Arys Handono4 dagen geleden

    Road Runner better show some skillz here~

  16. Biologist Angler

    Biologist Angler4 dagen geleden

    Is that "The Mask" in the front row at 1:55?

  17. phoenixrising7777

    phoenixrising77774 dagen geleden

    Everybody get up it’s time to slam now! Lebron lost to the Suns in the first round! Welcome to the.......Space Jam?

  18. M Shojaee

    M Shojaee4 dagen geleden

    I think this is the kind of movie that the trailer is much better than the actual film.

  19. dexter nyikayaramba

    dexter nyikayaramba5 dagen geleden

    The movie nobody asked for

  20. 「 J A D E 🔮 L A V E N D E R 」

    「 J A D E 🔮 L A V E N D E R 」5 dagen geleden

    Zendaya and lola? Uhhhh yah noooooo😪😬

  21. Ryan Sargent

    Ryan Sargent5 dagen geleden


  22. mat s

    mat s5 dagen geleden

    Where’s Pepe le pew at we need him

  23. friendly video's with travis basso

    friendly video's with travis basso5 dagen geleden

    I'm gonna take my little cousin to see this movie :)

  24. _mpty_

    _mpty_5 dagen geleden

    WTF is war machine doing with Judy hops but different universe and knock of lebron? This is gonna be smth

  25. Nate The Great

    Nate The Great5 dagen geleden

    I absolutely love Zendaya, but I believe the original voice of Lola Bunny (Kath Soucie) should've voiced her instead. Zendaya is one of the greatest versatile actresses in today's generation right now but I always find it kinda difficult when I realize that anytime a celebrity is brought in to do voice-over for a movie or even a TV show, they're actually taking away from the REAL voice-over artists who put in work to do what they do. There are artists out there who have been doing their thing for 10, 15, or 20 years, professionals who are getting passed over for celebrities and getting their opportunities taken from them. The only thing that celebrities bring is "star power" to these roles. Nothing else is authentic about a lot of them.

  26. Larry Au

    Larry Au5 dagen geleden

    For sure this project failed. LBJ even making less people enjoy the NBA game.

  27. TyO Silver

    TyO Silver5 dagen geleden

    There is only ONE Michael Jordan. King James ain't him. Movie gonna flop.

  28. SAWW The Hedgehog

    SAWW The Hedgehog5 dagen geleden

    I can’t wait for this and I also can’t wait for Coyote vs ACME in 2023

  29. Tyler Bohnet

    Tyler Bohnet5 dagen geleden

    Do kids even know who the loony tunes are? My 9 year old sure doesn't

  30. FlyBr0

    FlyBr05 dagen geleden

    Would’ve been better if the player was Kobe

  31. The Righteous Boys

    The Righteous Boys5 dagen geleden

    Notice how all the other voice actors for the looney toons characters aren’t using their natural voice? Lola bunny just sound exactly like zendaya would IRL.

  32. YeahBuddy

    YeahBuddy5 dagen geleden

    LeBron's so oppressed he even got his own movie. Can't believe WB gave a role to a guy who threatened a police officer and blindly supported Ma'kia Bryant after she was stopped trying to stab someone.

  33. YeahBuddy

    YeahBuddy4 dagen geleden

    @Jake White He's a joke of a human being...

  34. Jake White

    Jake White5 dagen geleden

    Glad to see someone else sees through all his bullsh**. Terrible decision WB, your movie is going to tank because you put Lebron in it. Feel bad for the looney tunes for having to act with this guy..

  35. Luist Triolet (Made In NYC)

    Luist Triolet (Made In NYC)5 dagen geleden

    Why am I getting all emotional watching this? Tears in eyes and all. So nostalgic. Saw the original at the movies when I was a kid.

  36. Crist San

    Crist San5 dagen geleden

    Sad she isn't voiced by the original voice actor

  37. The Blackcelt

    The Blackcelt5 dagen geleden

    Where is the GOAT MJ


    CLOUD SCAPE5 dagen geleden


  39. Fluffy172

    Fluffy1726 dagen geleden

    Personally not a fan of the bugs bunny voice

  40. Mic Liebhart

    Mic Liebhart6 dagen geleden

    I see the whole movie here. Thank you trailer.

  41. Damon List

    Damon List6 dagen geleden

    The toon squad may never quit but LeBron does

  42. Coils Of Wobe

    Coils Of Wobe6 dagen geleden

    The other monsters from the original look scary these monsters just look like digital insects

  43. Jacob C

    Jacob C6 dagen geleden

    this looks like a kids movie....

  44. deejaystaff

    deejaystaff6 dagen geleden

    let's watch the softest nba player replace MJ. HELL NO!!!

  45. DrkrZen

    DrkrZen6 dagen geleden

    At least the toons are good actors... Alex up for LeBron. XD

  46. Michael Hebert

    Michael Hebert6 dagen geleden

    The voice doesn't fit

  47. Dechen Thurman

    Dechen Thurman6 dagen geleden

    I am so psyched for this movie! Never saw the first sone but I am gonna see this sequel THREE TIMES!!!

  48. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith6 dagen geleden

    LeBron is in it, no thanks

  49. E-MAN

    E-MAN6 dagen geleden

    Ugh 🙄

  50. The New Etnam

    The New Etnam6 dagen geleden


  51. Locke Lamora

    Locke Lamora6 dagen geleden

    Can we get something original please. Why are yall making a reboot on space jam.

  52. selfie kroos

    selfie kroos6 dagen geleden

    Should've been ten years ago Should've been KOBE RIP

  53. Cloudatlas10

    Cloudatlas106 dagen geleden

    "what in the matrix hell" top phrase of year, I love it when he says it the way he does

  54. Sarthak Pandit

    Sarthak Pandit6 dagen geleden

    i guess iron man's death got him mad

  55. Sean Niem

    Sean Niem6 dagen geleden

    This movie will not be better than the original one just like LeBron is not better than MJ

  56. Vengeance Gaming

    Vengeance Gaming7 dagen geleden

    I am the only one looking at this, thinking it's not the same without Pepe. Looney Tunes without a character isn't the Looney Tunes. Pepe Le Pew you will be missed.

  57. Censorship Sucks3

    Censorship Sucks37 dagen geleden

    Fuck racist Lebron's movie.

  58. Ball-Steve Johnson

    Ball-Steve Johnson7 dagen geleden

    Lebron should not have been animated and Looney toons should have stayed drawn!

  59. Ball-Steve Johnson

    Ball-Steve Johnson7 dagen geleden

    Also, saying it is the 21st century is vague and does not explain anything to prove your reasoning for saying that "It is the future, so it's different!".

  60. Ball-Steve Johnson

    Ball-Steve Johnson7 dagen geleden

    @Caps Lock well, if you think it looks good that is your opinion, but this is mine. It just looks off to me to have the 3d animation on the Looney toons and then to animate the human character and then get rid of it. If you watched anime in comparison for 2nd season of Berserk looked off for the animation changed from the 90s.

  61. Caps Lock

    Caps Lock7 dagen geleden


  62. MajorRenegade

    MajorRenegade7 dagen geleden

    2:18 is it me or does lola bumps look bigger in this shot?

  63. oluwaseyi olatundun

    oluwaseyi olatundun7 dagen geleden

    'I'm shorter than kevin hart'😅😅😅

  64. Konsciencia

    Konsciencia7 dagen geleden

    This movie is better than the first. The Looney Toons are much into 3D now. It is amazing I am watching it.

  65. Donovan Vance

    Donovan Vance7 dagen geleden

    I like how the music was epic then became rap

  66. tory white

    tory white7 dagen geleden

    Hard pass

  67. Hailee

    Hailee7 dagen geleden

    The best thing of my childhood

  68. Angelika potree

    Angelika potree8 dagen geleden

    Loved space jam in my childhood, just missing song - I dream I can fly in the trailer for a full nostalgia trip

  69. Giang Vũ Trường

    Giang Vũ Trường8 dagen geleden

    Seem like Grandma have "bigger heart" than Lola Bunny lol.

  70. Yoram Yoram

    Yoram Yoram8 dagen geleden

    more like furries the movie

  71. shiesty Leal

    shiesty Leal8 dagen geleden

    Looks so stupid should've dropped Lebum the original well always be better

  72. yo mama

    yo mama8 dagen geleden

    Confirmed, toon squad > Lakers without AD and bron

  73. craigloomis20

    craigloomis208 dagen geleden

    this gen can have this version sticking with the orginal

  74. idk.albert _

    idk.albert _5 dagen geleden

    good for you I’ll stick with this one

  75. Alonso Madera

    Alonso Madera8 dagen geleden

    This movie is gonna be sick af nd fuk the haters

  76. The Renegade

    The Renegade8 dagen geleden

    They should bring back michael jordan in the end replacing one of the team members

  77. The Renegade

    The Renegade6 dagen geleden

    chantall meyer no as in mj shows up as a support

  78. chantall meyer

    chantall meyer6 dagen geleden

    Just as he's about to loose everything mJ shows up like....I don't think so.

  79. Call me Jess

    Call me Jess8 dagen geleden

    2:10 I think those binoculars too big for fudd

  80. Call me Jess

    Call me Jess8 dagen geleden

    I'm excited for road runner, Whiley coyote and tazz:)

  81. Lanmark2

    Lanmark28 dagen geleden

    This is gonna bomb so bad.

  82. Speakatron

    Speakatron6 dagen geleden

    Critically, yes. Box Office though, no. The masses will, eat, this, up.

  83. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet8 dagen geleden

    poor lebron, scared to be black

  84. Megapunk

    Megapunk8 dagen geleden

    Cool. Maybe next time dont put all the scenes from the 3 act in the trailer?

  85. jg m

    jg m8 dagen geleden

    how much of the past are they going to regurgitate can this generation get something new?

  86. DumbLuigBois

    DumbLuigBois8 dagen geleden

    Only pros will see speedy Gonzales

  87. Abodi Mohmed

    Abodi Mohmed8 dagen geleden

    Not a fane

  88. Shaheen Franciskess

    Shaheen Franciskess8 dagen geleden

    They can have a million cgi and technology improvements but it will never be anything like the original

  89. TheEndo-SymArmor

    TheEndo-SymArmor7 dagen geleden

    The first one was dated. I personally think space jam 2 has a better story

  90. Lars Lee

    Lars Lee8 dagen geleden

    Why didn’t they remix the “Space Jam” theme by Quad City DJs?? That song was the best part of the first move...

  91. chantall meyer

    chantall meyer6 dagen geleden

    Welcome to the space jam wow that opening song was fire

  92. Shirou Ogami

    Shirou Ogami8 dagen geleden

    love how people going to critize this sequel just on factors and complain. The plot is interesting, get to see character animation increase and seem to be funny. Complaining about actor like it not a bad idea and i dont get why people would hate an actor because the og one not there feel like preference

  93. TheEndo-SymArmor

    TheEndo-SymArmor7 dagen geleden

    A bunch of clowns. It's hate for the sake of hate

  94. Collin Ruth (pandaking)

    Collin Ruth (pandaking)8 dagen geleden

    Looks like LeBron is still living in the shadows of MJ.

  95. Caps Lock

    Caps Lock7 dagen geleden

    nah. he's making his own.

  96. Rami Yohay

    Rami Yohay8 dagen geleden

    Best part 2:07

  97. Les Foret

    Les Foret8 dagen geleden

    Fk lebron james.

  98. J Weston Pancheri

    J Weston Pancheri8 dagen geleden

    Is it me or does Lola look a little different?

  99. gkwilley

    gkwilley8 dagen geleden

    This looks terrible

  100. Amour 007

    Amour 0078 dagen geleden

    how many likes for ROAD RUNNER?

  101. Wesley Richards

    Wesley Richards8 dagen geleden

    Looks fine. Didn't care for the looney toones in 3d though. The mouths just did not look right.

  102. Jon Mitchell

    Jon Mitchell8 dagen geleden

    The twist will be when Lebron walks out with 5 minutes left.

  103. Caps Lock

    Caps Lock7 dagen geleden

    Kwame and Jordan will appear

  104. shiesty Leal

    shiesty Leal8 dagen geleden

    N trades the whole team away

  105. Drex99

    Drex998 dagen geleden

    Shıb ınu coin Buy ok

  106. Daniel Hogston

    Daniel Hogston8 dagen geleden

    Too bad they ruined it with Queen Lebron.

  107. Roy Nepomuceno

    Roy Nepomuceno8 dagen geleden

    Look for Jordan's special appearance.

  108. N / M

    N / M8 dagen geleden


  109. krizky eka

    krizky eka8 dagen geleden

    Lola geting nerf

  110. Rad C

    Rad C8 dagen geleden


  111. ryan

    ryan8 dagen geleden

    That thumbnail is scary, her face looks soulless 😂

  112. david samson

    david samson9 dagen geleden

    I can’t wait for this......🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  113. Patrick Dottery

    Patrick Dottery9 dagen geleden

    Queen James gonna crywolf and quit like a bitch before game is over like irl MJ real goat.

  114. Winter Spirit

    Winter Spirit9 dagen geleden

    Idc how Lola looks I still consider her 🆒️ & hot 🔥

  115. He Hate Me

    He Hate Me9 dagen geleden