FEAR STREET Official Trailer (2021) Netflix

FEAR STREET Official Trailer (2021) Sadie Sink
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  1. Bryce Starzec

    Bryce Starzec42 minuten geleden

    Wait... is that the girl from Cruel Summer?

  2. Calum Best

    Calum Best4 dagen geleden

    They need to bring back goosebumps stories but with a really good cast and mature storyline unlike the trash movies which were so immature nothing like the 90s goosebumps it had that darkness and intro

  3. KiNgStO.n_ Hill

    KiNgStO.n_ Hill4 dagen geleden

    I know we all thought this was stranger things season 4 by the thumb nail 😭

  4. Black Crow

    Black Crow4 dagen geleden

    it has the same vibe as AHS 1984

  5. Night owl & a Bibliophile

    Night owl & a Bibliophile4 dagen geleden

    omg max

  6. Αριστειδης Γκουλετσος

    Αριστειδης Γκουλετσος4 dagen geleden

    can someone explain to me what is this about ?? Because I freaking loved the trailer but haven't understand a single thing. Its like a time travel slasher or what??


    OMFGWTFBBQSAUCEHAX5 dagen geleden

    Oh, Britta's in this?

  8. John Daniel

    John Daniel5 dagen geleden

    I only read a handful of the fear street books but I enjoyed them. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is one called THE SNOWMAN about a teen who kills a girl’s dad that he likes and then tries to kill her by turning her into a snowman.

  9. Alex Chinnici

    Alex Chinnici5 dagen geleden

    1:08 bro looks like ryan from the office

  10. Judge Berry

    Judge Berry5 dagen geleden

    Something about teenage lesbians. I kinda missed the rest of it.

  11. BowWowsbaby92

    BowWowsbaby925 dagen geleden

    I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I grew up reading the Fear Street books (absolutely loved them) and I always hoped that someone would make a series out of it like Goosebumps. I was not expecting this, but I'm give it chance none the less. I'm not sure if it is my age (29) or what but I'm not as excited like I thought I would be seeing this trailer. We'll see!

  12. • Ishipem •

    • Ishipem •5 dagen geleden

    Wait so Maxine the kid from the haunted hathaways and Janette Turner okay??

  13. Sarah Phyllis

    Sarah Phyllis5 dagen geleden

    Goosebumps present Nightwing 😂😂😂

  14. oluwaseyi olatundun

    oluwaseyi olatundun5 dagen geleden

    seen a lot of movies like these

  15. -JessiMoss-

    -JessiMoss-5 dagen geleden

    Jesus Christ... just move to another city damn

  16. Redbandit

    Redbandit6 dagen geleden

    This is basically Stranger Things meets Dead of Summer (which was a show on Freeform) either way this is right up my alley so i will definitely be checking this out when it releases on Netflix

  17. montana aye

    montana aye6 dagen geleden

    omg r.l stine was and still is my fav author!!! i loved all the books, so much memories. man i hope they don’t butcher this🤞🏽🥺

  18. Ms. Pratt

    Ms. Pratt6 dagen geleden

    Max stay dipped in some shit

  19. Dreadful Jack

    Dreadful Jack6 dagen geleden

    1666 thats kinda cheezy but ok

  20. Levi Decaster

    Levi Decaster6 dagen geleden

    Who also thought this was a trailer for stranger things 4🤣

  21. Innocent Boy

    Innocent Boy6 dagen geleden

    Sadie Sink ❤️

  22. Avinash Almeida

    Avinash Almeida7 dagen geleden

    I really hope it's good

  23. 25xhenry

    25xhenry7 dagen geleden

    . Pffffffffffffff

  24. carlo

    carlo7 dagen geleden

    Waiting HAHAHHA

  25. Brookyln Vicent

    Brookyln Vicent7 dagen geleden


  26. Zahoor kazi

    Zahoor kazi7 dagen geleden

    American horror story 1984

  27. Jordan Moore

    Jordan Moore7 dagen geleden

    Sadie Sink’s mom was my 3rd grade Teacher @Brenham Elementary School! I’m so proud of how far she has become ! ..

  28. Shravani Kumawat

    Shravani Kumawat8 uur geleden

    @Aisha_Luv! Alright!! Dude

  29. Aisha_Luv!

    Aisha_Luv!8 uur geleden

    @Shravani Kumawat Don't be a creep my dude!

  30. Shravani Kumawat

    Shravani Kumawat3 dagen geleden


  31. Shravani Kumawat

    Shravani Kumawat3 dagen geleden

    So you her number or something?

  32. Shravani Kumawat

    Shravani Kumawat3 dagen geleden


  33. StarryPluto

    StarryPluto7 dagen geleden

    I absolutely devoured all these books as a teenager and yes I'm old AF I'm almost 40 if that tells you how old these books are and I cannot relate to a single character I don't know if it's just because I've been out of the game so long but I read every single book from top to bottom and this just seems like a cheesy crappy f****** substitute

  34. ScrollSaw Ninja

    ScrollSaw Ninja5 dagen geleden

    I’m right that with ya. I loved these books when I was a kid too. I had them all.

  35. Smitty ASMR

    Smitty ASMR7 dagen geleden

    I don’t get it, is it three movies ?

  36. Yemaya Belcon

    Yemaya Belcon7 dagen geleden

    Lollll im 30 i waited for a movie in this book since i was in high school🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. yeah?

    yeah?7 dagen geleden

    Send John Wick...and also give him some little backup...send Eleven with him .

  38. Big E

    Big E7 dagen geleden

    max lived in Hawkins this is nothing for her just need el's help

  39. Minecraft Walker ✔️

    Minecraft Walker ✔️7 dagen geleden

    I saw triple G

  40. Hunter Mullins

    Hunter Mullins7 dagen geleden

    Where It All Started Is “Friday The 13th” At Crystal Camp 1980.... With A Kid Named JASON🔪🔪 Nice Try Netflix 🥸


    STEVEN FULLER7 dagen geleden

    Best book series of The 90s Glad this is coming out.. Can I be in the Best Friends story The Cheerleader was hard too .. RL STINE...is the king of 😨 Fear

  42. B Ra

    B Ra8 dagen geleden

    Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

  43. Knight Wind

    Knight Wind8 dagen geleden


  44. blake butcher

    blake butcher8 dagen geleden

    one masterpiece triology. are you readyyyyyyyyyy.

  45. Ishaan Chatterjee

    Ishaan Chatterjee8 dagen geleden

    Cautiously optimistic, loved RL Stine books, love how they’re going for a mature take, hopefully they avoid being too tacky

  46. Matthew Saunders

    Matthew Saunders8 dagen geleden

    R.L Stine!? I'm in

  47. Kxrrin

    Kxrrin8 dagen geleden

    You had me at R.L. Stine you lost me at JEANETTE TURNER

  48. Briana Waters

    Briana Waters7 dagen geleden


  49. Kunal Mhatre

    Kunal Mhatre8 dagen geleden

    Sadie 🥵🥺😍

  50. Phillip Siddiq

    Phillip Siddiq8 dagen geleden

    Mad Max!!🔥🔥🔥

  51. Josh dude

    Josh dude8 dagen geleden

    dafuq...I thought this was fifa street

  52. Dr Cory

    Dr Cory8 dagen geleden

    Cool movie trailer

  53. MisterBabamook H

    MisterBabamook H8 dagen geleden

    Urgh. Same old shit.

  54. Seth Grey

    Seth Grey9 dagen geleden

    Such a cool concept.

  55. Sayantan Dhara

    Sayantan Dhara9 dagen geleden

    I just saw the thumbnail..And click..It doesn't matter what's the name of the trailer...

  56. Greg kelly

    Greg kelly9 dagen geleden

    Looks dope.

  57. Patrick Alouidor

    Patrick Alouidor9 dagen geleden

    What is going on with these people and these long trailers that give out damn near the entire movie. Man make the trailers short and give folks a reason to watch movie my god man.

  58. dude person

    dude person3 dagen geleden

    It's a trilogy

  59. Kristopher Watson

    Kristopher Watson9 dagen geleden

    I just want to see Sadie Sink

  60. Aclevidge

    Aclevidge9 dagen geleden

    i'm a simple human being, i see sadie sink, i click

  61. Randomix40

    Randomix409 dagen geleden

    The Killer is the judge from Your Honor series 🤣

  62. Raymondo E

    Raymondo E9 dagen geleden

    Wowwwww. I always hope that fear street get the adaptation also. And here it is..

  63. Bosun Bolade

    Bosun Bolade9 dagen geleden

    Pretty max from stranger things 🥰😍😘....

  64. Ale X

    Ale X9 dagen geleden

    Ok Netflix... don't disapoint me. I swear... if you ruin the saga books... so help me God!




  66. Ninou Nino

    Ninou Nino9 dagen geleden

    there will be gay people on this show for sure ,that's the plot , the story doesn't matter later , since Netflix's is all about sharing homosexuality and transgender

  67. perfect subliminals reuploads

    perfect subliminals reuploads12 uur geleden

    @Ninou Nino no, you have to be really immature and paranoid to believe that

  68. Ninou Nino

    Ninou Nino21 uur geleden

    @perfect subliminals reuploads it's about brainwashing , true

  69. perfect subliminals reuploads

    perfect subliminals reuploadsDag geleden

    Not everything is about politics ya know

  70. Sue Goodwin

    Sue Goodwin9 dagen geleden

    This looks interesting! Can't wait to check it out.

  71. Anna Michalska

    Anna Michalska9 dagen geleden

    Ok. You have my attention

  72. Anna Ripoll

    Anna Ripoll9 dagen geleden

    one day you wake up and realise people are liking things you don't care about, and you're not the target audience anymore. That's me today :(

  73. Greek Prick

    Greek Prick9 dagen geleden

    It's remind me the scream movies story

  74. Charles Martin

    Charles Martin9 dagen geleden

    I’m here for it

  75. Sherry Sandor Kelly

    Sherry Sandor Kelly9 dagen geleden

    Color war was my favorite part of sleep away camp 😁

  76. John Macey

    John Macey9 dagen geleden

    I, HAVIER RAVEZ, am GUILTY GEAR. :P HAHA I have become a guilty gear GOD :P HA!

  77. Maldo Febriansyah

    Maldo Febriansyah9 dagen geleden

    American horror story

  78. JossieM16

    JossieM169 dagen geleden

    Ok I kinda want to watch them but not at the same time because I dont like scary movies 🙈😅

  79. starlight night

    starlight night9 dagen geleden

    Ngl, this gives me stranger things vibes ❤️❤️

  80. Alvaro Rodriguez Ricca

    Alvaro Rodriguez Ricca9 dagen geleden


  81. Bloody Milkshake

    Bloody Milkshake9 dagen geleden

    Not going to lie, im mildly disappointed by the looks of this but maybe i'm being too harsh right away. This just looks like another Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, for kids, whereas the Fear Street books I read were way more violent and disturbing and aimed towards older teenagers. There was one I read where a murderer killed a girl by sanding her face off and another where they covered someone in hay and fed them to horses. This just looks like watered down PG/PG-13 stuff, but we'll see.

  82. perfect subliminals reuploads

    perfect subliminals reuploadsDag geleden

    This is r rated

  83. tsupra2002

    tsupra20027 dagen geleden

    Yes. Glad I wasn't the only one disappointed by Scary Stories.

  84. FnGhoulTrooper

    FnGhoulTrooper9 dagen geleden

    Whole lot of lesbian scenes in one trailer

  85. Devil Dare

    Devil Dare9 dagen geleden

    oooo these horror movies looks pretty interesting i cant wait to check them out.

  86. just a single dude

    just a single dude7 dagen geleden

    Yes It does

  87. Shahrizal Aidin

    Shahrizal Aidin9 dagen geleden

    Urgh, Britta's in this?

  88. antwan jenkins

    antwan jenkins9 dagen geleden

    Finally Fear Street is getting some attention. The book series were great back then, plus I'm a huge R.L. Stine fan so I'm hype for this.

  89. Trey Thornton-Griggs

    Trey Thornton-Griggs9 dagen geleden

    I question the reverse cronological order play. But there may be a reason, hope it is good enough. Netflix has been phoning in some of their exclusives recently.

  90. Jack Carver

    Jack Carver5 dagen geleden

    People keep saying Netflix has if they are directing

  91. Furion Max

    Furion Max9 dagen geleden

    Wait R.L Stein?! I love him! I read the goosebump books all the time when I was little! I'm definitely watching this.

  92. Darren

    Darren9 dagen geleden

    Fear Street has the same Author as Goosebumps. Man those were the days, cant wait

  93. The Scene

    The Scene9 dagen geleden

    I think these movies are different and scary I am waiting

  94. Deuz Deuz

    Deuz Deuz9 dagen geleden

    I've just notice something but is it me or Netflix (and others) likes to have gay women in its shows and movies but seems not so much into gay men? Is it because gay men are already more accepted in the US so it's normal to focus on gay women now? Or is it otherwise: gay women are more generally accepted so they rather have gay women characters to look progressive but not being too much offensive for conservative people? Like in Stranger Things, it seemed so natural that Will could be gay (and maybe he will come out in season 4) but they instead introduced a new gay girl character. Maybe I'm a little paranoid on this stuff but I picture myself some business meetings like: "- OK we need gay characters to be liked by everyone so what about having Karen or Cindy coming out? - What about Steve? It will fit the story more naturally. -Well we dont want regular folks to go away, dont we? - So what about Jessie? - The pretty girl with big boobs? Yeah great idea!" I guess it was something like that for Riverdale at least...

  95. Dante Sparda

    Dante Sparda6 dagen geleden

    @Deuz Deuz 😂 You're funny bro.

  96. Deuz Deuz

    Deuz Deuz9 dagen geleden

    Oh and I've just watch Halston, which was great, so I start to think I was wrong! So why did I thought that? Just being stupid, I guess. I should maybe delete all my comments, but I think it's fine to leave it this way: it's not so often we see someone admiting he's wrong on Internet, especially when just arguing with himself 😁

  97. Deuz Deuz

    Deuz Deuz9 dagen geleden

    To be fair (just keep talking to myself), I just remembered Netflix has one of the best gay male character ever with Klaus in Umbrella Academy, so maybe I was just really paranoid (but they did manage to add lesbian stuff in season 2 though...)

  98. Deuz Deuz

    Deuz Deuz9 dagen geleden

    And for the record, I'm totaly OK with gay characters, men or women, especially when it's well done (like in Bly Manor to stay on Netflix), but I despise when they are just used the easy way only to excuse bad writing (like in the worst show ever Sabrina). And I will definitly take a look at Fear Street and I hope it'll be good :)

  99. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye9 dagen geleden

    That's why I'm going to Camp Batman.


    WHOAMI WHOAMI9 dagen geleden


  101. Jéssica Soares

    Jéssica Soares9 dagen geleden

    Gillian Jacobs is everywhere these days, cool, cool, cool, cool

  102. Akai Seigo

    Akai Seigo6 dagen geleden

    2021 is Gillian Jacobs' year. Being a Julliard student finally paid off.

  103. Bray Zeisloft

    Bray Zeisloft10 dagen geleden

    Yassssss!!! I'm stoked

  104. mufiholicxk

    mufiholicxk10 dagen geleden

    I hope it’s good

  105. Crazy_Cats

    Crazy_Cats10 dagen geleden


  106. Ogrematic

    Ogrematic10 dagen geleden

    Fatties go first...

  107. tom arnold

    tom arnold10 dagen geleden

    Is this how Stranger Things at R rating looks like? I look forward to it!

  108. Jedidiah Ingram

    Jedidiah Ingram10 dagen geleden

    I was wondering where this kid went yesterday: 0:12

  109. Jason Peña

    Jason Peña10 dagen geleden

    Finally I’ve been wanting a movie about the fear street books !!! I used to read them back in middle school !

  110. Isaac Ra

    Isaac Ra10 dagen geleden

    I still have all the books

  111. Disney 'Ann DR01D' Buxom (TheOneYouOverlooked)

    Disney 'Ann DR01D' Buxom (TheOneYouOverlooked)10 dagen geleden

    That'd better not be 2 girls kissing. Ugh. 🤨

  112. Lien Gumban

    Lien Gumban10 dagen geleden

    Shake rattle & roll of the Philippines is shaking haahahahah

  113. David Davidsonn

    David Davidsonn10 dagen geleden

    so they just copied friday the 13th...literally... WOW!

  114. R B

    R B10 dagen geleden

    Someone got paid to write, "Welcome to the suck."

  115. Darwin Reyes

    Darwin Reyes10 dagen geleden

    Que aperoooooo

  116. Zomboy Productionz

    Zomboy Productionz10 dagen geleden

    This is a killer trailer

  117. Capri Sun Flavored Kool Aid

    Capri Sun Flavored Kool Aid10 dagen geleden


  118. MadCircle04

    MadCircle0410 dagen geleden

    Man Netflix really is pushing the gay agenda really really hard. The gay community takes up 10 percent of America yet is in every single damn show.

  119. dude person

    dude person3 dagen geleden

    @Alba Bahena nothing, there is no problem with normalizing it, in fact that is helpful but then there will be people who claim that it is too political so the political junkies complaining are the problem

  120. Alba Bahena

    Alba Bahena3 dagen geleden


  121. Alba Bahena

    Alba Bahena8 dagen geleden

    And the problem is ?

  122. dude person

    dude person10 dagen geleden

    I don't see the problem with normalizing it.

  123. ryans ryans

    ryans ryans10 dagen geleden

    I'm kinda excited about this.

  124. Nakita Kruger

    Nakita Kruger10 dagen geleden

    Oh my god! Finally! I loved these books!