FAST & FURIOUS 9 "Cardi B Meets Dom" Trailer (2021)

FAST \u0026 FURIOUS 9 "Cardi B Meets Dom" Trailer (2021) F9
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  1. R Davis

    R DavisUur geleden

    Can’t wait for F10 when they steal the delorean from the doc

  2. Post&Ghost

    Post&GhostUur geleden


  3. Noah Jonas

    Noah Jonas4 uur geleden

    why, no why.. no no, why no why no WHY NO NO WHY NO

  4. Geohanny Morla De La Cruz

    Geohanny Morla De La Cruz10 uur geleden

    ¿Yelena is you :v? SNK 1:33

  5. FootOf Blut

    FootOf Blut11 uur geleden

    Because family


    EQUILIBRIUM17 uur geleden

    nobody: the last fast and furious : older dom vs younger dom

  7. Jessie Paolini

    Jessie Paolini18 uur geleden

    Well, you guys have Cardi B? Congratulations, she will make this movie from an action movie to a comedy show =))))

  8. Ntando Xaba

    Ntando Xaba20 uur geleden

    "I spent my entire life in your shadow"... That is because he could not see you damn why does John Cena have to be so dramatic

  9. DJ

    DJ22 uur geleden

    I never thought I would see either cardi b or John cena in a movie

  10. Philip Palmer

    Philip PalmerDag geleden

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  11. Stijn Capello

    Stijn CapelloDag geleden

    i wouldnt be suprised if cardi says “first off who are you”

  12. Jhensen Dominguez

    Jhensen DominguezDag geleden

    I think this movie is going to talk about his dad because you see somebody racing with the cross in the cross in the car because in the first fast and furious when he is talking to Brian O'Connor he said his dad hit a wall in the track the car went on fire

  13. Mahmoud khaled

    Mahmoud khaledDag geleden

    This shit started out as street races now it science fiction .. rediculous

  14. AK SPRAY

    AK SPRAYDag geleden

    "We need cars, fast cars" DOM Me: Damn I would of never thought of that

  15. Ericka Wells

    Ericka WellsDag geleden

    Just stop ✋. Please.

  16. planet her

    planet herDag geleden

    song in the first spot ?

  17. Jay Savage

    Jay SavageDag geleden

    She’s not Nicki but ig😅😂

  18. Lailah Housein

    Lailah HouseinDag geleden

    omg is meghan markle still continues her actress career???? wow

  19. Marlin Ali

    Marlin AliDag geleden

    I feel like this movie become just a show that you can invite every celebrity you like 😂😂just name the celebrity you wanna see him and boom you got him

  20. Sley Ocean

    Sley Ocean2 dagen geleden

    Cardi B in FAST & FURIOUS 9 !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Who likes ??!!!!

  21. Blue Jay H.C.T.V.

    Blue Jay H.C.T.V.2 dagen geleden

  22. Philly Hilly

    Philly Hilly2 dagen geleden

    Dan and I met in a way even romantic comedy writers would roll their eyes at (you can read more about it here). In 2013, I was studying abroad in England for a year, and he was a British student at the same university. We met through mutual friends at a Halloween party and started dating after that. That eight month time span was the only time we’ve lived in the same town, during our almost seven year relationship! Since then, we’ve been in a long distance relationship. I’m not going to lie, it was rocky at the start, and we actually broke up for a few months. A 5 hour time difference is tough for anyone, and at 20 years old, that was a huge commitment. We weren’t very good at being broken up, though, and after only a few months we got back “together” - even though we were 4,000 miles apart. In 2015 I moved back to England, where I lived for the next three years, but we were still long distance. With an hour’s drive between us, though, that didn’t seem bad at all. Due to visa, health, and career reasons, I decided to move back to the USA in 2018. It’s been a lot easier doing the 4,000 mile distance now that we are older and more experienced at this whole crazy thing! Moreover I was able to track his phone activities using *ATKINSONGREG96* on *INSTAGRAM* Totally untraceable, cheap and anonymous. Let him know I referred you. NOTE: DOES NOT LIKE FOLLOWERS/AFTER YOUR WORK HE UNFOLLOW YOU-VERY DISCREET...🔥

  23. Lyne-Cardie Paul

    Lyne-Cardie Paul2 dagen geleden

    Ludacris🐼 Cardi B💙

  24. Armando Pacheco

    Armando Pacheco2 dagen geleden

    this is stupid go back to street racing they killed this movie

  25. BreadRouteTV.

    BreadRouteTV.2 dagen geleden

    I actually seen this already (Early release) I'ma let yal know if you like the franchise and over the top shit you will love this , but for me it's super predictable no twist or turns everything you think will happen , HAPPENS, even with han , I give it a 3/10 , and including cardi b was pointless for that lil 2 mins , TERRIBLE ACTRESS .

  26. Eze: :Downer

    Eze: :Downer2 dagen geleden

    At this point this movies are shit they just do it for everyone's buck. Cuz it's "fast& furious"

  27. Moza Tania

    Moza Tania2 dagen geleden

    anybody can tell me what car that queenie drive ?

  28. ShaaStory

    ShaaStory2 dagen geleden

    I stop seeing ff since the actor death. But f9 look interesting with cardi b. Sure i will watch

  29. Itz Broly god

    Itz Broly god2 dagen geleden

    I was going to watch the movie until I saw cardi b

  30. cyn

    cyn3 dagen geleden

    ima still watch these, they're straight dopamine n serotonin shots. rotten tomatoes or anyone else can't tell me shit 😌✨

  31. Your Local Wanda Maximoff

    Your Local Wanda Maximoff3 dagen geleden

    i wonder how cardi got on there..

  32. NO LE

    NO LE3 dagen geleden

    Hulk Hogan going to make an appearance as Dom' Dad and and Ric Flair going to be Bians smoothh talking aint shit daddy.

  33. Alexandra

    Alexandra3 dagen geleden

    Wait a damn minute. John Cena, Cardi B and Dame Helen Mirren in one movie????

  34. Abhijith AK

    Abhijith AK3 dagen geleden

    The story line is way outta hand at this point.

  35. Radi

    Radi3 dagen geleden

    This series shoulda ended after the 4 or 5th film and just had a spin off It’s becoming a parody

  36. Jareddd

    Jareddd3 dagen geleden

    Idk about u but the only i see is toretto chasing an autopilot vehicle

  37. Razer

    Razer3 dagen geleden

    So out of everyone on the planet, they decided to give Cardi B a role? 'Sigh'... The soul of this franchise has truly died a long time ago.

  38. Nic Walker

    Nic Walker3 dagen geleden

    What has this series become?

  39. XXX _Monte

    XXX _Monte3 dagen geleden

    Wtf are they even doing with the Fast and Furious series the storyline is weird and unbelievable

  40. JeremyMatthew

    JeremyMatthew3 dagen geleden

    they should’ve ended the series after paul walker last ride scene.

  41. Sadie Patrick

    Sadie Patrick3 dagen geleden


  42. Uchiha Oj

    Uchiha Oj3 dagen geleden

    Cardi B’s wap gonna defeat them

  43. Nikayla

    Nikayla3 dagen geleden

    Omg I can't wait I Been watching the other ones over and over if you want them to make a series like🍂💕

  44. James Mcleen

    James Mcleen3 dagen geleden

    borat should be in fast 9

  45. jole

    jole3 dagen geleden

    “How similar to Mark Wahlberg do you want to be?” John Cena: yes

  46. Twiza Sichilima

    Twiza Sichilima3 dagen geleden

    Elon musk should hire these people for Tesla or Space X

  47. Sergio Aragon

    Sergio Aragon3 dagen geleden

    Yeah putting cardio b in the fast movies definitely messed them up for sure her and John Cena they messed those movies up after 4 I think so.

  48. Anymation

    Anymation3 dagen geleden

    I’m all for over the action can we stop with this spy/military bs let’s just go back to illegal street racing

  49. Brodan Maymuru

    Brodan Maymuru3 dagen geleden

    I was really keen to watch this movie but since cardi b is in it I’m not going watch it no more

  50. MatiMatiYT

    MatiMatiYT3 dagen geleden

    Shaws Mum is my favourite

  51. RobynBangz

    RobynBangz4 dagen geleden

    Cant wait for mcgregor to be in a movie as the bad guy😄🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥SHALL BE LIIIIIIITTTTTTT

  52. CoderBunny Gaming

    CoderBunny Gaming4 dagen geleden

    The people in the trailer: **doing a heck ton of dangerous stuff that definitely warrants some dramatic music** The music: "la la la la la"

  53. Bonucci

    Bonucci4 dagen geleden

    i've alr watched this pre-premiere and i can say it's shit

  54. Nedret Mujčinović

    Nedret Mujčinović4 dagen geleden

    This movie became a joke

  55. Ashley Cotton

    Ashley Cotton4 dagen geleden

    Cardi b I'm proud of you babe❗❕❗❕😘❤️ Vin Diesel we ❤️ u too. We ready to see this ❗❕❗❕🤯

  56. HaloGang Dynasty

    HaloGang Dynasty4 dagen geleden

    I’ve already seen it it’s ok nothing special tbh

  57. Mara Howey

    Mara Howey4 dagen geleden

    omg i wish paul walker was still alive to be in these

  58. Panda Bell

    Panda Bell4 dagen geleden

    at this point there is no need to watch the movie as in the trailer it basically tells u everything .like why ?😒😒😒😡😡😞

  59. Salomon Sanchez

    Salomon Sanchez4 dagen geleden

    Who’s Dom’s brother ? I can’t see him.

  60. Carmel Rigueur

    Carmel Rigueur4 dagen geleden

    Seeing John Cena makes boy want to watch tbh lol I just can't take it seriously

  61. CloutGum

    CloutGum4 dagen geleden

    Is there any villain in this i can't see anyone, dom just shadow fighting wtf

  62. Fame Montana

    Fame Montana4 dagen geleden

    The series that just won’t die

  63. David

    David4 dagen geleden

    cena and diesel dont even look like brothers lmao i cant with this crap

  64. hey hey

    hey hey4 dagen geleden

    0:27 What we all really wanted to see, Ur welcome.

  65. Snoop D go double g

    Snoop D go double g4 dagen geleden

    These movies real life cartoons lmao

  66. Ko Blake

    Ko Blake4 dagen geleden

    I remember a time where these were about street racing. Now all of a sudden they're like spies with black belts lol

  67. QUEEN GR33NY

    QUEEN GR33NY4 dagen geleden

    Wow cardi b totally just ruined the movie for me… this chick have no class like any other rappers. Blush blush.. 😛😛😛

  68. Mcdonald kachivemba

    Mcdonald kachivemba4 dagen geleden

    i'm still waiting for it |F9

  69. Jays M

    Jays M4 dagen geleden

    when you put all trailers together you could see the movie for free

  70. rockafeller777

    rockafeller7775 dagen geleden

    Bruh what the fuck is this

  71. Otter Oddington

    Otter Oddington5 dagen geleden

    When is the Fast and Furious/Jurassic Park crossover happening?

  72. Rxyal

    Rxyal5 dagen geleden

    L for putting cardi b in there

  73. The Ranga

    The Ranga5 dagen geleden

    Im surprised cardi b didn’t drug up dom and taking his shit

  74. Aqilah Lakay

    Aqilah Lakay5 dagen geleden

    Seriously, after 9 movies I still don’t get it…. Cars, dope music, the OG cast, our favourite but out of practice wrestlers/action actors and the concept of “family” filling our screen for 2 hours. Like, they shoulda stopped at 4 or 5 already cos WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING OOOOOONNNN???!?!!?!?!?! After adding Iggy Azalea for 20 seconds, they couldn’t learn with bringing Cardi on board. Is that to attract us? Mxm. Lame man. Side note: It’s 4am where I am somewhere in Africa and my gay neighbours have been sexing for the last hour and a half. And they’re so loud, eish 🤓 Anyway, lemme continue binging 13 reasons why…

  75. deem ay

    deem ay5 dagen geleden

    mission impossible 7 looks great

  76. Doniko Daxon

    Doniko Daxon5 dagen geleden


  77. Brizness

    Brizness5 dagen geleden

    It’s not believable these two are brothers.

  78. Josiah Nieves

    Josiah Nieves5 dagen geleden

    Ah hell no

  79. Just Diana

    Just Diana5 dagen geleden

    I tell you the moment I saw this trailer on tiktok I rushed to watch F9 because I wanted to see the part Cardi B acted never been that fast my whole life

  80. Immune

    Immune5 dagen geleden

    Man i want the old school stuff to come back

  81. JimboJames Mendoza

    JimboJames Mendoza5 dagen geleden

    Ugh why is ratty d in the movie? She dirty af.

  82. I’m Chris Hanson with Dateline NBC

    I’m Chris Hanson with Dateline NBC5 dagen geleden

    At the end of this movie Cypher is actually going to be a skrull and in F10 Dom and his team will team up with The Avengers to stop the Skrull Invasion


    ADRIENNE H5 dagen geleden

    First Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea now Cardi B 🙄

  84. Emila B

    Emila B5 dagen geleden

    Does somebody know what is that song 00:00-0:25???

  85. Sofie

    Sofie5 dagen geleden

    Groot vs Thanos I've been waiting for this moment since 2018


    ΤHE ROADRUNNER5 dagen geleden


  87. big d

    big d5 dagen geleden

    Idc what y’all say, the first film was the best one PERIOD.

  88. Kate Warren

    Kate Warren5 dagen geleden

    why they keep doin this....

  89. BlxxdStxinedProphet

    BlxxdStxinedProphet5 dagen geleden

    Bro… whaattt?

  90. Alexandru Pascariu

    Alexandru Pascariu5 dagen geleden

    wtf is this?

  91. qlirim zymberi

    qlirim zymberi5 dagen geleden

    Mans talks about family but doesn't mention he had a brother this whole time lol

  92. Ntando Xaba

    Ntando Xaba20 uur geleden


  93. Radi

    Radi3 dagen geleden

    Not sure Vin wanted his career to turn like this

  94. S 9

    S 95 dagen geleden

    Independence Day is more believable than this shit

  95. Can

    Can5 dagen geleden

    Taiwan is a country

  96. Not U

    Not U5 dagen geleden

    Dom's bizarre adventures

  97. Tristan Xavier

    Tristan Xavier6 dagen geleden

    The incandescent thumb emphatically injure because uncle basically crush a a needless distance. upbeat, orange silver

  98. Golden BS

    Golden BS6 dagen geleden

    Actually Cardi showed up in the Interpol Truck not on the Otos party. And Roman never drived 2second car Sean was controlling it on 🕹️.

  99. Joe Ajisafe

    Joe Ajisafe6 dagen geleden

    First of all the trailer was like shit and you make it more shiter with cardiiiiiii

  100. Franky Aguero

    Franky Aguero6 dagen geleden

    I swear fast n furious is not about racing anymore ….just wrecking dope cars…and the franchise is fucked with cadi can’t take it serious …

  101. Rodriguez Dominique

    Rodriguez Dominique6 dagen geleden

    Cardi b is dons sister so stop attacking her weirdos

  102. Rodriguez Dominique

    Rodriguez Dominique6 dagen geleden

    And her name isn’t cardi b she’s playing her own character named leah