FAST & FURIOUS 9 "Cardi B in Combat Gear" Trailer (2021)

FAST \u0026 FURIOUS 9 "Cardi B in Combat Gear" Trailer (2021)
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  1. faithful Ben

    faithful Ben2 dagen geleden

    2 doods on a spacecar

  2. jasminemyfirst

    jasminemyfirst4 dagen geleden

    Omg cardi b really getting worst

  3. Edin sukcer

    Edin sukcer5 dagen geleden

    Woow jonh sena WWE champion in the furious

  4. Blaze Runner

    Blaze Runner6 dagen geleden

    Rip Fast and furious

  5. unknown mushwoom

    unknown mushwoom6 dagen geleden


  6. Michael P. Peake

    Michael P. Peake6 dagen geleden

    The wooden authorisation coronally disarm because sweets desirably scorch down a enchanting bowl. rightful, raspy wire

  7. Taebi Ma

    Taebi Ma6 dagen geleden

    They just gave her,one word to say like always...Dominic Toretto!

  8. George Max

    George Max7 dagen geleden

    the fuck going on

  9. Milky Robert

    Milky Robert8 dagen geleden

    Who likes this?!

  10. ȺĴ35h ᕀ

    ȺĴ35h ᕀ9 dagen geleden

    Next part they will go to moon fight aliens. PS - undertaker is dom's dad :p

  11. Prisca Nyandoro

    Prisca Nyandoro9 dagen geleden

    Can't wait... cardi is also there

  12. Evan Afton

    Evan Afton9 dagen geleden

    WAP & Furious😍😍

  13. Man0 GRC

    Man0 GRC10 dagen geleden

    I'll rewatch the 1st one instead of this science fiction flick.

  14. Suresh Steven

    Suresh Steven10 dagen geleden

    Cardi B in fast n furious plus in combat gear? This is why kids u shouldn't do drugs.

  15. K Gius

    K Gius10 dagen geleden

    nobody gives a shit about these movies , just stop it

  16. Saxa Rue Pru

    Saxa Rue Pru10 dagen geleden

    What happened to F&F 🥲

  17. BRoOkLyN

    BRoOkLyN11 dagen geleden

    I WAS a HUDGE F&F fan. Watched all of them several times, but I guess I am not watching this one. F'kn CarDI B? Really? Fuckouttahere

  18. diego holliday

    diego holliday11 dagen geleden

    cardi b has now ruined the whole series

  19. Viridiana Veytia

    Viridiana Veytia11 dagen geleden

    So Cardi B says "Dominic Toretto" and Vin Diesel will say "Okrrrrrrr!!!!"

  20. Manuel Aleman

    Manuel Aleman11 dagen geleden

    It went from basic street thugs to just a bunch of stupid sequels. Wouldn't pay a dime for poor effort to make a good quality movie.

  21. Justin Thomison

    Justin Thomison11 dagen geleden

    These movies have gone to shit

  22. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith11 dagen geleden

    0:27 and 0:57 cardi b

  23. Madstoppie

    Madstoppie11 dagen geleden

    I remember when FF didn't cast pussies for tough guy roles....

  24. Daniel Morashov

    Daniel Morashov11 dagen geleden

    Your Final Lost John Cena should have entered the scene a long time ago

  25. Lunette Grojean

    Lunette Grojean11 dagen geleden

    Cardio sucks. Big NASTY mouth. This franchise has gone down hill.😠

  26. Libtard Hater

    Libtard Hater11 dagen geleden

    Cardi B lmao. Scraping at the barrel hiring that E O H

  27. Ricochu20 Ricochu

    Ricochu20 Ricochu11 dagen geleden

    I'm sorry y'all but this movie is literally TRASHHHHH

  28. Aryana Pretty

    Aryana Pretty11 dagen geleden

    Lmfao not they using her name as clickbait

  29. Precious James

    Precious James11 dagen geleden

    I love Cardi B and I can't wait to see her in fast 9.

  30. Martin Reyes

    Martin Reyes11 dagen geleden

    Cardi B !!! One of my favorite. Big hug from Singapore

  31. Angthik Engti

    Angthik Engti12 dagen geleden

    I hate the feeling that John Cena's going to get his ass whoop by dom

  32. The Ploonet

    The Ploonet12 dagen geleden

    These movies are getting thinner and thinner

  33. Jay Raymond MGTOW

    Jay Raymond MGTOW12 dagen geleden

    Cardi B? Nooo!! Why?!! I was so hyped to see this movie until she popped out of nowhere 🤦🏽‍♂️ She’s not going to ruin the movie, she ALREADY ruined the movie by being in the damn trailer 😤

  34. Jack Chain

    Jack Chain12 dagen geleden

    the fact that cardi b is in it ruined it

  35. Nic Walker

    Nic Walker12 dagen geleden

    These are just terrible now, the first one was the best then it got ridiculous.

  36. Yago alves

    Yago alves12 dagen geleden

    Toretto look at me face. Cardi b Corona vírus kkkkk

  37. Wolf in the Suit

    Wolf in the Suit 12 dagen geleden

    Good now they ruined the hole movie with this "former" stripper

  38. Dj Homie Nyc

    Dj Homie Nyc12 dagen geleden

    what no Race Warz!😔 wat iz this it doesnt make sense

  39. BossIAm

    BossIAm13 dagen geleden

    fast in furious in space coming soon

  40. Joe Z

    Joe Z13 dagen geleden

    Taiwan is a country, John

  41. Ayana Gemma

    Ayana Gemma13 dagen geleden

    I watched it today and it was so good!!! But a little confusing

  42. smorris584

    smorris58413 dagen geleden

    Dom Cena😅🤣😂

  43. Ace Corcuera

    Ace Corcuera13 dagen geleden

    Fast & Furious is like a crazy Bollywood action movie w/ actual bald Hollywood Actors.

  44. jesse veer

    jesse veer13 dagen geleden

    These are getting out of hand

  45. Quality Not Quantity

    Quality Not Quantity13 dagen geleden

    Well ppl gues what they went outer space so i guess the next ff movie will be about time travel then 😔😔

  46. Trabi Mercedes

    Trabi Mercedes13 dagen geleden

    klk jajaja la cardi B

  47. Martin Akula

    Martin Akula13 dagen geleden

    2023 will be Doms sisters cousin's aunt.


    BIGG BORICUA13 dagen geleden

    Best pt is trailer

  49. Petr Kotlik

    Petr Kotlik13 dagen geleden

    When will the whole film be in cz?

  50. William H

    William H13 dagen geleden

    Who said fast and furious is about racing lol

  51. John Thokchom

    John Thokchom13 dagen geleden

    Nice movie

  52. Jaime R

    Jaime R13 dagen geleden

    Just want to watch for Helen Mirren.

  53. Eric Epperson

    Eric Epperson13 dagen geleden

    i refuse to watch simply cuz cardi b in it, this is where i draw the line.

  54. Kotti Ravindra

    Kotti Ravindra13 dagen geleden

    I have seen these beatches somewhere

  55. Noa Kuru

    Noa Kuru13 dagen geleden

    This movie sucks without the rock

  56. Almighty

    Almighty13 dagen geleden

    when Paul died this movie be camed Sci-fi & i cant tolerance this overrated Vin diesel anymore

  57. James Carter

    James Carter14 dagen geleden

    Anyone else see cardi? 👀

  58. Jose Amundaray

    Jose Amundaray14 dagen geleden

    cuando será que los incluyen en Marvel 🤣

  59. azl once

    azl once14 dagen geleden

    Cardi b

  60. RedKeyInUse

    RedKeyInUse14 dagen geleden

    Does she drug anyone?

  61. Ant Clerfont

    Ant Clerfont14 dagen geleden

    It's so tempting to watch but why they had to add Cardi. Who came up with that .. I wonder. Lol

  62. Sick Child

    Sick Child14 dagen geleden

    From roadside street gang to carvenger

  63. Miguel Passos

    Miguel Passos14 dagen geleden

    Anitta is the singer?

  64. Adrian

    Adrian14 dagen geleden

    Oh, cardi b... now I won't be watching it

  65. Crazy_Cats

    Crazy_Cats14 dagen geleden

  66. laysa

    laysa14 dagen geleden

    No hate but why is cardi b in it🤨

  67. Georgina Ellen

    Georgina Ellen14 dagen geleden

    What the heck this ain't fast n furious I remember 😕

  68. Ankit Mondal 8091

    Ankit Mondal 809114 dagen geleden

    Fast and furious is leaked online

  69. NunkaP

    NunkaP14 dagen geleden

    I Love me some Cardi B, but her playing in fast and furious is like Trump becoming president🤦🏽‍♀️ lmaoo

  70. leksetengah gada

    leksetengah gada14 dagen geleden

    why Cardi B???

  71. o o

    o o14 dagen geleden

    they so old

  72. Warren West

    Warren West14 dagen geleden

    Wtf Cardi B? You see that why tjey should have stopped after the 7th ff

  73. Matthew

    Matthew14 dagen geleden

    wow, they even got a rapist in this movie :)

  74. Rishab Mandal

    Rishab Mandal14 dagen geleden

    FNF franchise is going in the way of Saints Row the videogame

  75. Jordon Charlery

    Jordon Charlery14 dagen geleden

    Is that all cardi b says “Dominic Toreto”


    DAWNI PASSI14 dagen geleden

    Plz anyone can u give me an iPhone 😭

  77. Daniel Ewenkhare

    Daniel Ewenkhare14 dagen geleden


  78. Dre Gopher

    Dre Gopher15 dagen geleden

    cardi looks so prett

  79. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson15 dagen geleden

    Well you can truly say this series couldn't get any dumber......

  80. Earl Green

    Earl Green15 dagen geleden

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  81. Kyrill Panasenko

    Kyrill Panasenko15 dagen geleden

    i watched the bootleg. it's a lot of fun. can't wait to watch it high quality on the big screen

  82. Kahloz Lunna

    Kahloz Lunna15 dagen geleden

    Cardi b in a movie 🎥

  83. Hobby nyanyi

    Hobby nyanyi15 dagen geleden

    When i saw cardi i was so laughing while watching her acting it's like hey dom let me teach u how to twerk lol.

  84. satch422

    satch42215 dagen geleden

    Why put Cardi B in the movie?

  85. jervel thomas

    jervel thomas15 dagen geleden

    I thought fast and Furious is about racing not war

  86. Hierophant4K

    Hierophant4K15 dagen geleden

    Oh give me a fucking break and let this shit just die already. Jesus more damage then good.

  87. Dragon King Oscurare

    Dragon King Oscurare15 dagen geleden

    I would like to have the same anti-logic abilities they have.

  88. 19BPH018 Kaveen G

    19BPH018 Kaveen G13 dagen geleden

    If you think these abilities are awesome, you should see the abilities normal person have in Indian movies

  89. Shavez A

    Shavez A15 dagen geleden

    Y’all can’t cancel something that got you super pressed

  90. Sooshibun

    Sooshibun15 dagen geleden


  91. Hola QueTal

    Hola QueTal15 dagen geleden

    Cardi B is so sneaky she never gave signs of this

  92. Auby

    Auby15 dagen geleden

    Ah FF movie milking at it's finest. The type of movie you pirate when you're drunk and bored.

  93. Whitewizard Mil98

    Whitewizard Mil9815 dagen geleden

    Adding cardi b just got weirder.... But still I'm excited for this movie to come

  94. CHI Nation

    CHI Nation15 dagen geleden

    The only thing i wanna see Cardi B in is stripper gear

  95. JRyanDOD

    JRyanDOD15 dagen geleden

    Please Just Stop

  96. Gshift

    Gshift15 dagen geleden

    Ok. I'm definitely having a stroke.

  97. Copper Backpack

    Copper Backpack15 dagen geleden

    This has literally turned into 5yo playing with Matchboxes in the living room!

  98. Den Doc

    Den Doc15 dagen geleden

    Dom versus galactus in the final episode. Galactus is his father !!! Family forever !!!

  99. yared teferra

    yared teferra15 dagen geleden

    the only FF i liked is the first one and fast five

  100. Bruhcoochie1

    Bruhcoochie115 dagen geleden


  101. Imtayaz Majaz

    Imtayaz Majaz15 dagen geleden

    I just clicked the video to read the comments which are a bit more interesting than the movie itself....