DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS Teaser (2022) Dwayne Johnson, Keanu Reeves

DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS Teaser (2022) Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves
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  1. Pantone_Papi

    Pantone_Papi2 dagen geleden

    I once ran into Keanu while on a layover in Phoenix. I was in the airport lounge on my laptop catching up on some work when I looked over and saw him sitting in the corner of the room reading a book (didn’t see the title, it was a pretty substantial book though). Some time passed and I got up to grab a snack, as I walked up to the service area who did I see in front of me but Keanu...He had a plate of food with an oddly large amount of radishes on it and a small bowl of soup. He was looking for what I’m assuming was cutlery so he could go and sit down, but wasn’t having any luck. He looked over to me as if I might know where it is, and I looked him in the eye and said “there is no spoon” he then started laughing uncontrollably, smashing plates against the wall and flipping chairs and tables. The airport police came and tried to control him but he ended up tossing one of the officers in the air and swallowing him whole. Eventually enough officers came and they got him surrounded but he tunnelled into the earth and I’m assuming he got away. Anyway I missed my flight

  2. _mpty_

    _mpty_5 dagen geleden

    Bolt just got a lot older o damn

  3. Bluelion Fur

    Bluelion Fur7 dagen geleden

    Yeah I'm old enough lol

  4. Omair Zeeshan

    Omair Zeeshan9 dagen geleden


  5. Anthony

    Anthony9 dagen geleden

    Keanu as Ace. Please dont have Hart as Ace. I love the guy, but not voice ace. Thats like saying making Jack Black as Batman.

  6. ApacheThunder

    ApacheThunder9 dagen geleden

    Saw the thumbnail and initially thought this was a Bolt 2 sequel. Basically looked a lot like an adult Bolt. :P

  7. Faisal Ayub

    Faisal Ayub9 dagen geleden

    Holy guacamole ,the cast ❤️

  8. fslayer1290

    fslayer12909 dagen geleden

    Kevin Heart as Ace??? I can’t see it.

  9. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis9 dagen geleden

    please... don’t mess this up. please.👍

  10. Viniesh Kumar

    Viniesh Kumar9 dagen geleden

    Trade mark eyebrow rise!

  11. Gureo Sarasu

    Gureo Sarasu9 dagen geleden

    "Im Catman"

  12. Mj Diaz

    Mj Diaz9 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or its really kevin hart voicing ace? Hahaha

  13. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee10 dagen geleden

    wholesome chungsu

  14. Ben Kelley

    Ben Kelley10 dagen geleden


  15. los nojos

    los nojos10 dagen geleden

    who came here because of keanu reeves?

  16. Lucas The native ninja

    Lucas The native ninja10 dagen geleden

    Right music for Kypto!!

  17. Jonny Largent (Knightmare668)

    Jonny Largent (Knightmare668)10 dagen geleden

    So, if they do Bud and Lou (Harley Quinn's pet Hyenas') who would be voicing them?

  18. Son Harriswhatup

    Son Harriswhatup10 dagen geleden

    Aye we better have the theme in this otherwise this ain’t right

  19. hanji theek a

    hanji theek a10 dagen geleden

    i want to see bat dog? bat bird?? bat owl???

  20. Owl Animations

    Owl Animations10 dagen geleden

    Keanu isn’t ace? Why? 😂

  21. Euphoria Iridescence 💖

    Euphoria Iridescence 💖10 dagen geleden

    I wonder who is going to be streaky the super cat I’m huge fan of the series Krypto the superdog

  22. Gshift

    Gshift10 dagen geleden

    LOL! Kevin Hart as Batman's dog is both hilarious and fitting. Especially since Kevin and Dwayne have worked together in quite a few films.

  23. Grey Zone

    Grey Zone10 dagen geleden

    Marvel keeps getting better and better. Meanwhile DC keeps getting worse 😂

  24. Felds Pato

    Felds Pato10 dagen geleden

    i've seen DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS Teaser (2022) Dwayne Johnson, Keanu Reeves but haven't seen spider-man no way home's trailer. fuck it

  25. Aswin Dharmik

    Aswin Dharmik10 dagen geleden

    Why dc why

  26. Akai Seigo

    Akai Seigo10 dagen geleden

    Keanu Reeves role might be a cat just like Key & Peele's film Keanu.

  27. VigiGR

    VigiGR10 dagen geleden

    Dont put gay dogs and stuff plz

  28. Chase Salyer

    Chase Salyer10 dagen geleden

    Why am I not surprised that Kevin Hart is Ace to Dwayne Johnson’s Krypto?

  29. Bhushan M

    Bhushan M10 dagen geleden

    Bring it on 👍👍😘😂

  30. till h

    till h10 dagen geleden

    How uninspired are casting directors nowadays?

  31. Jack Red

    Jack Red10 dagen geleden

    I thought Keanu Reeves would be Ace.

  32. Steve Yorkman

    Steve Yorkman11 dagen geleden

    Remember Bolt? This is him now

  33. Remedy

    Remedy11 dagen geleden

    I hope no one stabs that dog with a comically large sword at a comically bad time!

  34. Vi san

    Vi san11 dagen geleden

    I'm more interested in a mighty mouse remake or even a live action

  35. lol head

    lol head11 dagen geleden

    I dislike this

  36. nyc’sbitch

    nyc’sbitch11 dagen geleden

    okay but can they switch kevin hart with keanu reeves.

  37. thunder robots

    thunder robots11 dagen geleden

    i hope they make it a serious version like the dcau justice league , and not be a dumbed down version

  38. Cole B

    Cole B11 dagen geleden

    Definitely should have bee cast the opposite

  39. Godzilla2000orbit

    Godzilla2000orbit11 dagen geleden

    Krypto the Superdog: *makes a cartoon: Krypto in the now: im coming back next year!

  40. The Goober89

    The Goober8911 dagen geleden

    so, John Williams ? Superman? definitely a tease

  41. Dustin Carroll

    Dustin Carroll11 dagen geleden

    This is already a more faithful adaptation of Superman than the Snyderverse. Yes, it's a dog.

  42. RanDom

    RanDom11 dagen geleden

    Diego yeeeeeesssss

  43. ROFLcopter

    ROFLcopter11 dagen geleden

    holy shit this is white

  44. Justin Simmons

    Justin Simmons11 dagen geleden

    Fucking books are through the roof time to go digging for these key books its not morphin time its flipping time time to hunt the fleas and old head yard sales

  45. Greg Larocca

    Greg Larocca11 dagen geleden

    Who’s going to be the villain of this movie?

  46. G1 Grimlock

    G1 Grimlock11 dagen geleden

    Just like Paw Patrol animation

  47. FromMyBrain

    FromMyBrain11 dagen geleden


  48. URFriendlyNhBlkGuy

    URFriendlyNhBlkGuy11 dagen geleden

    U had me at Keanu Reeves!!!

  49. Yootub Apesta

    Yootub Apesta11 dagen geleden

    DC is that desperate, huh? This looks incredibly LAME; Dwayne Johnson, and all...

  50. Ninjor

    Ninjor11 dagen geleden

    First the music got me, and then the cast.

  51. Lapis Lazuli 99

    Lapis Lazuli 9911 dagen geleden

    Dex-Starr or I burn down a studio. Also Keanu needs to by Wicks puppy in an alternate reality where the baddies kill John instead.

  52. XTRM

    XTRM11 dagen geleden

    DC ripping off parents again...

  53. Mr Rocketfingers

    Mr Rocketfingers11 dagen geleden

    Johnson is getting old

  54. Gerardo Rodriguez

    Gerardo Rodriguez11 dagen geleden

    They should bring back Krypto The Superdog with a new Season, I heard it was Cancelled

  55. Neon_Radd_Catcher

    Neon_Radd_Catcher11 dagen geleden

    Look, it's a bird, it's a plane, IT'S KRYPTO Superdog and Friends DAMN! Too bad we have to wait until May 2022.

  56. Lauren S

    Lauren S11 dagen geleden

    The Secret Life of Pets 3 looks like a lot of fun

  57. Mario Pacadi

    Mario Pacadi11 dagen geleden

    this is the movie everyone wanted and also needed🐶🐱🐶🐮🐵🦘

  58. Zaria Faye

    Zaria Faye11 dagen geleden

    All was good Until I saw Kevin hart as ace

  59. Steve Perez

    Steve Perez11 dagen geleden

    The only ones I know are krypto,ace,batcow ,does beastboy count

  60. dvrkwidowtutos

    dvrkwidowtutos11 dagen geleden

    i am so excited omfg this‘ll be so cool

  61. Chards Emman'l

    Chards Emman'l11 dagen geleden


  62. ice_cube12

    ice_cube1211 dagen geleden

    No just no

  63. Michael Kirbish

    Michael Kirbish11 dagen geleden

    That, sirs, was the *correct* musical cue.

  64. Rö

    11 dagen geleden

    Wait Keanu reeves..... *THE IRONY*

  65. Thread Bomb

    Thread Bomb11 dagen geleden

    Here's some useless information for you: the super-pets were the best part of the Lego Flash movie.

  66. Keenan Warren

    Keenan Warren11 dagen geleden

    Was excited to see Keanu as Ace only to have that dream dashed by Kevin hart. Look I love Kevin hart, he’s hilarious and him and the rock have great chemistry, but I can’t see him voicing Ace. Who knows, maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

  67. Skeptic

    Skeptic8 dagen geleden

    Keanu as Batman maybe? They probably got Kevin for Ace because him and the Rock have worked together so many times.

  68. Pacocha Leo

    Pacocha Leo11 dagen geleden

    The secret gram successively flow because german commonly disarm behind a absorbed carrot. hushed, free invoice

  69. Robin 't Jong

    Robin 't Jong11 dagen geleden

    Marvel wouldn't make this... Probably the motto you guys need right now

  70. Kaihedgie

    Kaihedgie11 dagen geleden

    Lemme guess, your only exposure and knowledge of Marvel is the movies

  71. ZentronWarrior

    ZentronWarrior11 dagen geleden

    My nostalgia sense is tingling!

  72. Mauricio Merida

    Mauricio Merida11 dagen geleden

    Why do I have the feeling that Keanu is going to be a cat?

  73. Obsidian Warrior

    Obsidian Warrior11 dagen geleden

    Plot Twist: This is just John Wick having a mental breakdown, at the end of the film a live action Keanu Reeves will be walking on all fours in a psych ward while panting like a dog and wearing a collar.

  74. I ❤️ Florida/Warrior Cat Fan

    I ❤️ Florida/Warrior Cat Fan11 dagen geleden

    Where is Streaky the Supercat also i remember the old tv show.

  75. Joni

    Joni11 dagen geleden

    Soo cool. 😎

  76. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla11 dagen geleden


  77. Rishi Gupta

    Rishi Gupta11 dagen geleden

    My childhood haha

  78. Rain

    Rain11 dagen geleden

    Waits 2 years for the snyder cut

  79. Chef Lambo

    Chef Lambo11 dagen geleden

    Kevin Hart is Ace?!?! The absolute disrespect to Ace

  80. Emmanuel Ohimai Uzinigbe Ikhioya

    Emmanuel Ohimai Uzinigbe Ikhioya11 dagen geleden

    Kevin hart as ace. Isn't ace suppose to be like batman

  81. Michael Browne

    Michael Browne11 dagen geleden

    Wait? Kevin Hart is going to be voicing Batman’s dog? Okay that’s so crazy I’ve got to see it.

  82. Alan Wilcox

    Alan Wilcox11 dagen geleden

    that is totally idiotic voice casting Kevin Hart's voice is so annoying and he should be voiced by Will Arnett since Bathound talks and acts just like his master

  83. FAUND 1.0

    FAUND 1.011 dagen geleden

    Seems like real voice actors are out of the job again

  84. GimbalLock

    GimbalLock11 dagen geleden

    Kids will be so excited to see that list of celebrity names.

  85. Fazal khan

    Fazal khan11 dagen geleden

    Is anyone wanna watch this shit


    CDM VISUALS11 dagen geleden

    Keanu should of been ace

  87. Cherry Trap

    Cherry Trap11 dagen geleden

    Hearing that theme just made my day

  88. Abrar Ahmed Mullan

    Abrar Ahmed Mullan11 dagen geleden

    Big names

  89. Joshua Gouveia

    Joshua Gouveia11 dagen geleden

    This is the worst thing I could have seen. Kevin Hart as Ace. The disrespect

  90. Michael Demiurgos

    Michael Demiurgos11 dagen geleden

    @I ❤️ Florida/Warrior Cat Fan yea I know but Kev can be serious.

  91. I ❤️ Florida/Warrior Cat Fan

    I ❤️ Florida/Warrior Cat Fan11 dagen geleden

    @Michael Demiurgos Ace is not a comedian he is dark, mysterious, and serious.

  92. Michael Demiurgos

    Michael Demiurgos11 dagen geleden


  93. Robert Angus

    Robert Angus11 dagen geleden

    Krypto the Superdog actually looks good in CGI

  94. froctavio

    froctavio11 dagen geleden

    Thanks :)

  95. Juan Sebastian Carrasco

    Juan Sebastian Carrasco11 dagen geleden

    even being a dog Keanu Reeves is incredible

  96. TinnyOscar24

    TinnyOscar2411 dagen geleden

    Kevin Hart is Batman's dog?!

  97. CrEePy Marinette Dupain-Cheng

    CrEePy Marinette Dupain-Cheng11 dagen geleden

    Keanu better be bat dog

  98. Jesus Meza

    Jesus Meza11 dagen geleden

    Anyone else read the books of the super dogs of DC

  99. Zazon Ong

    Zazon Ong11 dagen geleden

    Keanu Reeves in John Wick: I'll kill them. I'LL KILL THEM ALL Keanu Reeves in DC League of Superpets: woof ! woof ! woof !

  100. azur Jump

    azur Jump11 dagen geleden

    no pets can ever beat wonder pets

  101. Ozioma Obidimma

    Ozioma Obidimma11 dagen geleden

    Anyone remember Krypto the super dog on Cartoon Network?

  102. Mast so Cuite

    Mast so Cuite11 dagen geleden


  103. DdayArt

    DdayArt11 dagen geleden

    Isn't Titus supposed to be the badass one? why get Kevin Hart to voice him?

  104. Rufaro Asuquo

    Rufaro Asuquo11 dagen geleden

    I’m so excited for this is going to be awesome 👏

  105. Mr. Friendship

    Mr. Friendship11 dagen geleden

    This teaser just triggered my old memories of watching the _Krypto the Dog_ TV show from CN.

  106. Don 420

    Don 42011 dagen geleden

    Ace the BatDog please 🤞🏼🙏🏼

  107. Spider Rocket

    Spider Rocket11 dagen geleden

    Kevin Hart is Ace the Bathound? Wow I gotta see this now 🤣🤣🤣