BATTLEFIELD 2042 Trailer (2021) 4K ULTRA HD

BATTLEFIELD 2042 Trailer (2021) 4K ULTRA HD, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
© 2021 - EA


  1. ONE Media

    ONE Media10 dagen geleden

    Finally in 4K! Enjoy!

  2. Diego Cuevas

    Diego Cuevas2 dagen geleden

    @Greg Marchant "i am the universal gamer taste" yeah buddy sure, most of the comments are from people who liked the trailer, so enjoy the game and stop lying kiddo

  3. Greg Marchant

    Greg Marchant7 dagen geleden

    @Christina Law what a sad desperate attempt at attention, I feel sorry for you.

  4. Gott

    Gott8 dagen geleden


  5. شيلتصش هغصيعساشهةحخسفخق هس سعس

    شيلتصش هغصيعساشهةحخسفخق هس سعس9 dagen geleden

    @Christina Law pvz player

  6. In dein G-sicht

    In dein G-sicht9 dagen geleden

    with battle royal ?

  7. Blair House

    Blair HouseUur geleden

    3:18 even fast & furious franchise doesn't have the audacity to pull that kind of shit lol

  8. Boreism Gamer

    Boreism GamerUur geleden

    3:59 basically me in the first few weeks of playing WOAHHH LOOK AT THAT TORNADO, Imma go in it

  9. Syed Imran

    Syed Imran2 uur geleden

    Ohh can't get over the BGM

  10. Holy Shit

    Holy Shit2 uur geleden

    In every trailers, theres always will be that 1 helicopter or plane that get destroy in the beginning of the trailer

  11. Aditya Chaturvedi

    Aditya Chaturvedi3 uur geleden

    No soilders hurt while making this trailer.

  12. tom perez

    tom perez5 uur geleden

    nobody wins lol

  13. Konjengbam Ronald

    Konjengbam Ronald5 uur geleden

    The eject scene from jet was hell 😲

  14. NeverSurrender1939

    NeverSurrender19395 uur geleden


  15. Minh Tân Trần

    Minh Tân Trần7 uur geleden

    The jet scene is really fanstatis, beautiful graphic and sound

  16. AxelBitz

    AxelBitz8 uur geleden

    Why play the game when you know everybody dies.

  17. Szem Angyal

    Szem Angyal9 uur geleden

    Cheaters game!

  18. Crazyhands Hands

    Crazyhands Hands11 uur geleden

    Why they can't bring these CGI's to the big screen .

  19. anti_lag_ theory

    anti_lag_ theory11 uur geleden

    Soldiers: we got tanks Mother nature: hold my beer

  20. paulo silva

    paulo silva11 uur geleden

    top top

  21. Ahmad Shah

    Ahmad Shah12 uur geleden


  22. Ilya Pavlov

    Ilya Pavlov13 uur geleden

    поржал. война с Россией явно) в виде стада тупых баранов. ох уж эти сказки, ох уж эти сказочники :)

  23. S.K

    S.K13 uur geleden


  24. BAU

    BAU15 uur geleden

    That's epic but physics is not the subject....

  25. Nahid Ul Islam 1813294042

    Nahid Ul Islam 181329404217 uur geleden

    000w mind blowing at 3.16

  26. NoImNotAlan

    NoImNotAlan18 uur geleden

    3:20 so he's a veteran

  27. Lachlan Young

    Lachlan Young18 uur geleden

    Holy shit the homage to the RPG Jet move!!! How good is this trailer!

  28. NadŚwiadomy ZaRząd

    NadŚwiadomy ZaRząd19 uur geleden


  29. Kamil Hüseynov

    Kamil Hüseynov20 uur geleden

    3 world war

  30. ☆přîñćə

    ☆přîñćə20 uur geleden

    Jet blast skill 🤘🏻

  31. Gopi Silent

    Gopi Silent21 uur geleden

    This is call of duty game

  32. Ares Azerus

    Ares AzerusDag geleden

    just rocket launcher from F35 it's the INSANE THINGS and impossible it's a bit too much no

  33. Joonha Shcal

    Joonha ShcalDag geleden

    If there were humans that close to a rocket launch... they'd be so fucking dead. Not only the heat but the sound itself will vibrate you apart.

  34. Reno Alex

    Reno AlexDag geleden

    ive fall in love again and again,and that jet scene make me came

  35. Leon Sadrak

    Leon SadrakDag geleden

    3:15 Damn.... This is cool....

  36. Jorge Antonio Arias Cárdenas

    Jorge Antonio Arias CárdenasDag geleden

    Whats the song at 2:59 ?

  37. English with Movies (Vishu)

    English with Movies (Vishu)Dag geleden

    0:36 What the fuck just happened

  38. adedoyin kugbiyi

    adedoyin kugbiyiDag geleden

    Oh!!! MY!!! GAAAWWWWWWDDDDD!!!!!!


    KARMA GAMINGDag geleden

    The jet scene actually did happen 10 years ago a guy named stun gravy performed it in the battlefield game and the move came to be known as rumbazook so it's kinda in remembrance of what he did yeah guys he created this move

  40. FeaR

    FeaRDag geleden


  41. ADARSH

    ADARSHDag geleden

    That jet scene was badass

  42. Aquaman_ 7_C

    Aquaman_ 7_CDag geleden

    WOW! definitely looking forward to this game.

  43. anonymous 0101tsb

    anonymous 0101tsbDag geleden


  44. anonymous 0101tsb

    anonymous 0101tsbDag geleden


  45. Евгений Матушкин

    Евгений МатушкинDag geleden

    what an action! it looks like some kind of movie mix

  46. Zakir Ali

    Zakir AliDag geleden

    pilot ejecting from F35 . shooting the enemy plane with a bazooka. then getting back to the cockpit and flying the damn thing? seriously? what have u guys been smoking ?

  47. André_Linoge

    André_LinogeDag geleden

    Viva China you lose

  48. Niz nayo

    Niz nayoDag geleden

    Bullshit . I see so many unforgivable mistakes in this movie.

  49. inve imer

    inve imerDag geleden

    Nice, battlefield remains the best of combat videogames saga, ever.

  50. Alexis Tanyang

    Alexis TanyangDag geleden

    Soldiers intense battle. Robocop doggo : I am speed.

  51. heejin b.

    heejin b.Dag geleden

    CODM feels from jupping to the jet

  52. Pratik Borkar

    Pratik BorkarDag geleden

    Holy damn got goosebumps. The tornado scene is insane. Awaiting...

  53. Divya Prakash

    Divya Prakash2 dagen geleden


  54. Praneeth B S

    Praneeth B S2 dagen geleden

    0:45 what the dog doin?

  55. UntoldStory

    UntoldStory2 dagen geleden

    Am I tripping or was that tornado spinning in the wrong direction?

  56. Mohit Kashyap

    Mohit Kashyap2 dagen geleden

    In the end nature won the war.

  57. majji mahesh

    majji mahesh2 dagen geleden

    It's look like a movie 🍿🍿🍿

  58. Dr.Sajal Sharma

    Dr.Sajal Sharma2 dagen geleden

    One day this will gonna happen in real , world war vibes 😔😔

  59. Saksham Bhadauria

    Saksham Bhadauria2 dagen geleden

    Ok I like it 👍

  60. Aish Wardhan

    Aish Wardhan2 dagen geleden

    If in future I try to run this game on my current laptop at max settings and that rocket launch scene comes my laptop gonna make that scene too real by getting itself on fire too.

  61. Cinéfilo Por Siempre

    Cinéfilo Por Siempre2 dagen geleden

    W😲w! T😠tal war, n😱 mercy!

  62. GoodBurger2620

    GoodBurger26202 dagen geleden

    I'm Sold :)

  63. Kunal Bachim

    Kunal Bachim2 dagen geleden

    I thought games become more and more realistic ... This is very unreal

  64. JumpingJim Rivers

    JumpingJim Rivers2 dagen geleden

    I`m looking this Trailer, i see story !

  65. Isaiah Colwell

    Isaiah Colwell2 dagen geleden

    Not only was the Jet trick shot a reference to something that happened mid game, but the quad into the heli was also a trick shot hit in the game!

  66. billbo baggins

    billbo baggins2 dagen geleden

    Ducking dope man can’t wait for the game to be released

  67. gimmi patterson

    gimmi patterson2 dagen geleden

    is it a G.I.Joe game?

  68. E Robinson

    E Robinson2 dagen geleden

    hmmm... How can we POSSIBLY compete with C.O.D. "i have an idea..."

  69. Aahid Ahsan

    Aahid Ahsan2 dagen geleden

    Looks very awesome! Can't wait for it to release.

  70. Phillip Anderson

    Phillip Anderson2 dagen geleden

    3:17 ...and he just happened to have an AT-4(?) in his F-35?!? What are the odds?

  71. Haymatlos

    Haymatlos2 dagen geleden

    3:14 wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  72. Michael Strong

    Michael Strong2 dagen geleden

    This. Looks. Lame.

  73. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez2 dagen geleden


  74. T.O.W

    T.O.W2 dagen geleden

    Moral of the story: No-one can beat mother nature 😂

  75. João Guilherme

    João Guilherme15 uur geleden

    É BR kkkkk

  76. Clownish

    Clownish2 dagen geleden

    03:00 theres the jet stunt for anyone who was looking for it

  77. Spongebonk

    Spongebonk2 dagen geleden

    My potato pc: mr stark....

  78. K 9

    K 92 dagen geleden

    3:00 bollywood is even fail infront of this thing 😂😂

  79. Murat Öz

    Murat Öz2 dagen geleden

    Adamlar yine yapti yapacagini uh nenesini

  80. Lyfa Lee Zhure

    Lyfa Lee Zhure2 dagen geleden

    Wow. Games are getting so realistic these days. I'm so old-school...Spy Hunter is my all-time fave game. Funny how Crue's "Kickstart My Heart" was the soundtrack for some of the clips.

  81. Jestin Joy

    Jestin Joy2 dagen geleden

    No, please dont give any more ideas for the fast and furious franchise

  82. Fırat Çoynak

    Fırat Çoynak2 dagen geleden

    DICE !!!!!!!!!!! IMBA

  83. David Alves

    David Alves2 dagen geleden

    Velozes e furiosos?

  84. Owen

    Owen2 dagen geleden

    can only watch it in 720 :( who else is with me

  85. bucwolf

    bucwolf2 dagen geleden

    It looks like they have fixed battlefield!

  86. Gustav Heinrich

    Gustav Heinrich2 dagen geleden

    "Sir, why do we have to carry a quad on top of that roof again?"

  87. NavyJONNY 117

    NavyJONNY 1172 dagen geleden

    This is really epic because the fact that DICE decided to only make it a Multiplayer Game, says a lot. That being said, the game will be really awesome. 128 Players online will make this really great on the Xbox Series X and gaming in Native 4K 60 or 120FPS. Wow. As for Xbox One and Xbox One S or X owners, it will only be 64 players online which is standard. I always liked Battlefield but this Battlefield 2042 is beyond the other franchises on BF. Can't wait to play it. It might be a trailer but DICE will make use of the Xbox Series X raw power to take advantage of it and take Battlefield to new heights!!!

  88. Fahd Amal

    Fahd Amal2 dagen geleden


  89. Bujabs Dennis

    Bujabs Dennis2 dagen geleden

    Whats this fascination with war and violence, war is not beautiful, its cruel and gruesome.

  90. a_streyn_jer _

    a_streyn_jer _3 dagen geleden

    3:15 💥🤑

  91. Divyansh Yaduvanshi

    Divyansh Yaduvanshi3 dagen geleden


  92. Dee Haxor

    Dee Haxor3 dagen geleden

    most epic thing I've watched in 2021

  93. idoиoтѕleeρツ

    idoиoтѕleeρツ3 dagen geleden

    Surfing Hurricane must be fun. Gotta give it a try sometimes!

  94. Jerrod Braithwaite

    Jerrod Braithwaite3 dagen geleden

    Bruh dude launch out of the plane n rocket launched the opps n fell back to his plane never in my life seen action like that

  95. NygAl's Lair

    NygAl's Lair3 dagen geleden

    Most multiplayer games trailers, *Shows a guy struggling to survive at first* *Gameplay, plot and other elements* *That guy survives at the end only to get killed by someone elite or get slaughtered in a massacre" (not gonna lie looks promising though)

  96. Mister Oates

    Mister Oates3 dagen geleden

    Yeah that was a pretty cool trailer to watch but then again Battlefield games always had nice looking trailers to get people pumped. This trailer really made it look like the game has crazy set pieces but I guess with no single player, any type of set piece will probably barely be used or not make much of a difference in game. I think BF3/BF4 had set pieces as well but they sucked. I do hope for more open maps like what was shown. Use to enjoy maps like Metro and that popular one (from BF4) but since playing games with slower multiplayer, I just can't enjoy the run, die, repeat, run, die, repeat, that smaller BF levels with 32 people do. It is just not fun for me to shoot randomly down a hallway for a kill and or playing long gametypes on smaller levels to see how many kills I can get before ultimately quitting the game since no one will ever finish it (without a timer). Didn't play BF5 and BF1 was ok. The maps were better being open, but with worse weapons and less customization, it was boring and even half the weapons were throw-a-ways once you leveled past them. It will be great if we get the destructibility of Bad Company 2, gameplay of 3/4 with more open maps, tons of weapons and customization which they always do. I do hope they can do something to encourage more team play or even for people to use mics. Seems like a lot less people are talking in games now a days and the ones that do are the ones that are still pretty dickish. Just want to talk to people who are encouraging, play the game and communicate and haven't f*&ked my mother in the last couple of weeks. :)

  97. abdullah mujahid

    abdullah mujahid3 dagen geleden

    Kodos for the pilot in and out of the jetfigher. Conditions of flight has difinitely changed.

  98. Victor Mendez

    Victor Mendez3 dagen geleden

    The only thing I did´t lke was the music....

  99. lman lman

    lman lman3 dagen geleden

    im not playing this xxxx im scare

  100. Pablo Zamparo

    Pablo Zamparo3 dagen geleden

    03:22 To much

  101. Blair E

    Blair E3 dagen geleden

    The use of Kickstart my heart was Awful. It actually detracted from the trailer. It's an amazing song, It was not used well at any point in this trailer.

  102. Ilya Cibko

    Ilya Cibko3 dagen geleden

    RIP Realism, you were a good friend...

  103. Paul Pislea

    Paul Pislea3 dagen geleden

    man wtf :DDDDD I was laughing and crying at the same time with the absurdity of that fighter jet scene with the rpg :D man... come on....

  104. BOt Run

    BOt Run3 dagen geleden

    I like the jet secne its awesome trailer faduuuuuuu

  105. Saad BaiG

    Saad BaiG3 dagen geleden

    Can't wait

  106. Vipul Jain

    Vipul Jain3 dagen geleden

    No grass No tree No plant No green Only will darkness This is human future 😑😑😑